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Tuesday 18 March 2014



IMG_1963: photo by locaburg, 27 February 2014

You're driving slowly and with all due caution down a back street in a neighborhood you're unfamiliar with, when the incident occurs.

IMG_8128 (ladder): photo by locaburg, 9 November 2010


Hazen said...

I can't stop laughing.

TC said...

I did wonder about that mysterious laughter emanating from the hole in the ground with the ladder in it.

The fellow who is seen approaching the camera is wearing the hat of the Aguilas of America, the New York Yankees of Mexico, a club owned by corporate giant Televisa and traditionally backed by the country’s elite -- Mexico’s biggest, richest, and most hated club.

The slogan of the club: “Ódiame Más” ("Hate Me More").

"...el mejor slogan del América es ese “Ódiame Más”, que sale de las vísceras de todos los que esta noche contemplamos al resto con una soberbia justificada. Con la condescendencia del mejor."

Sooo... Is he coming toward us to say "Have a nice day"?

Hazen said...

Caught In The Act, Part The First. ¡Coño! Ya gots me dude. Pronto, la policía, or worse—a Zeta pistolero with a short fuse and a tight delivery schedule.

The ladder we keep in the hole, just in case. Doesn’t everybody?

TC said...

I think you've caught the moment -- indignation, irritation, statement of territorial claim.

¡Coño! ¡Qué haces aquí?

...and down there below -- a Regional Convention of Zetas?

Box lunch included in the package??

vazambam (Vassilis Zambaras) said...

It looks as if these kinds of incidents are spreading all over the globe--must be part of
a growing underground movement initiated by the Devil himself.

Nin Andrews said...

I am a little confused but it does look funny. Weren't there explosions coming from the manholes in Berkeley last fall? My son's girlfriend got singed walking by one . . . I think.

Carol Peters said...

did he step out of driver's seat or trunk?

TC said...

Cuanto más miro, más me pregunto.

"¡Cuidado con los rateros!" -- ??

Y si es el tronco ...

¡Dios mío!

Mose23 said...

I guess the Aguilas of America would be the equivalent of Manchester United (with a fanbase everywhere but Manchester itself).

TC said...

Well, it's much as if United were owned not by a vast American holding company (as they are) but by the BBC.

The affiliation of the club with the dominant media outlet in the country obviously gives Club America great commercial reach. They play in the second largest stadium in the world, the Azteca, and continue to fill the seats even when the team is underachieving, as is the case more often than not.

The fan base seems to include wealthy elites as well as drug gang members: a democratic lot, in that sense.

A few years ago, the club's bullish Paraguayan striker, Salvador Cabañas, was shot in the head upon entering a trendy nightclub in the capital. He is still alive, but has a bullet in his brain, and will never fly with the Aguilas again.

Large debts to the wrong people were implied as possible causes. Of course such cases are never "solved".

The working classes of the capital have traditionally supported Cruz Azul, a club sponsored by a large cement company.

"Intellectual" fans have traditionally supported the Pumas of UNAM, a club historically connected with the Autonomous University of Mexico.

But in truth these matters are far too intricate and complicated and fraught with internal histories of blood and honour and danger for any remote observer, much less a useless gringo cripple, to ever hope to properly sort them out.

(As it happens I did weekly reports on Mexican football for an English language blog out of Buenos Aires, for a number of years, but the mysteries always stayed mysteries -- much as, I suppose, the mysteries of the English football/pub culture will always linger for their far-flung global-brand fan base, the lion's share of which at present, as I understand, is located in Asia. Where they will likely not recognize the mysteries as mysteries but as marketing techniques, and where they will doubtless be happy tonight, as will David Moyes, though David may be happier still, having just saved his job... for another few weeks or months, anyway.)

TC said...

About Salvador Cabañas, I neglected to specify that he was shot not upon entering the club but upon entering the WC; the CCTV footage of him making that near fatal entry is chilling to see.

Last month he was reported to be broke, and working in a bakery.

This month he is reported to be having a tryout with a Fourth Division team in Brazil. Never say die.