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Monday 14 April 2014

Lust for Life


Cowboy (Olympic Blvd., L.A.): photo by Michaelj1998. 23 August 2013

In life
even the emptiest day has something in it
whereas after life
even the fullest of days has
nothing in it
becomes a sort of mantra
after a while
as the empty days and nights
go by...wa-hoo!...yee-haw!

Shorts (Downtown L.A.): photo by Michaelj1998, 5 October 2013

Barbershop (Bellflower, Ca.): photo by Michaelj1998, 11 April 2009


TC said...

Iggy Pop: Lust for Life (live, Manchester 1977)

ACravan said...

Bleak as this is, it makes me smile (weakly). The "antiquing" quality of the Bellflower barbershop photo is remarkable and make the place look ancient and otherworldly. I suppose the calendar being used up and (apparently) semi-out-of-date adds to this. I loved the Iggy video, which also really looks like it's from another time in history. Curtis

Lally said...

Nailed it once again Tom...

Nin Andrews said...

Oh, for some reason this post reminds me of the fairgrounds from my childhood with the garish ads and lights and all the loud music and so on--those places which seems to ask, Are you having fun yet? When what you are really thinking is . . . how long until I puke?

TC said...

A pity, really. What are we to do about these weak, whining, weird old failed-artist types?

"Come now! You're making a spectacle of yourself! You've become an idler! Hanging out there in that retro boutique barbershop, confusing the poor farm animals, have you no shame?"

TC said...

One never stops marveling at the power of suggestion.

For example, if one didn't know better, one might almost think the fellow in the near background here has heard Nin's comment... and acted it out.

tpw said...

Thanks, Tom. A row of enticing derrieres can certainly help fill the emptiness.

TC said...

And not only that, Terry -- they're great people.