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Thursday 2 October 2014



Gaza. Palestinian boys stand behind a cloth barrier at their recently destroyed home: photo by Mohammed Abed/AFP via The Guardian, 25 September 2014

a wall, with the loss of nothing
that might pass through the mesh in the gauze



Jonathan Chant said...

The little hand pressing on the gauze. Ghostly, sad.

TC said...

And I also got: film negative (X-ray); visualization of asphyxiation or suffocation.

Ghostly kids of Gaza.

The remarkable photo reminding us once again that the eyes through which that horrible two month onslaught against a whole people would have to be judged in the end would be those of its children.

Mose23 said...

You've caught the weight of the loss perfectly.

It's likely to take more than twenty years to rebuild Gaza's housing stock.

These ghosts are likely to be haunting Israel in time.

TC said...

One would indeed expect that (the haunting) with any other habitual aggressor state, in the long run, but this one seems oddly, and terrifyingly, unique -- virtually impervious to spirit in any known form.