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Thursday 26 February 2015

Almost Time Now

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Watching time go by @unionstationTO #BlackAndWhite #Org1: photo via Dré @OrganizedNoise1, 18 February 2015

  Untitled (The Netherlands): photo by Akbar Simonse, 10 June 2013

  This is Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz, California): photo by Mark Nye, 18 November 2012

Untitled: photo by Joshua Perez (Strange Goodness), 4 October 2013

Untitled (Dirty Jerzey): photo by Joshua Perez (StrangeGoodness), 3 August 2013

Night ferry (Portland, Maine): photo by Robert Schneider, 3 November 2013

Worcester, Massachusetts: photo by Billy (STREETIZM), 27 January 2014

2741 (Temple Avenue, Los Angeles): photo by michaelj1998, 27 January 2014

ways around (Adogawa-cho, Lake Biwa, Shiga prefecture, Japan): photo by Stephen Cairns, 17 November 2012

Speaker, Portland: photo by Austin Granger, 5 February 2014

the day the Emperor came (Annpachi-cho, Gifu prefecture, Japan): photo by Stephen Cairns, 30 September 2012

searching for Sugimoto. Hiroshi Sugimoto has a fantastic series of images featuring the interiors of American theatres. The series is borne from a simple idea: what would happen if a camera were brought into a movie theatre and the shutter kept open for the length of the film. The answer is equally simple but brilliant. After two hours of entertainment nothing remains -- nothing but the light. This is a huge pachinko LED sign. Pachinko is a Japanese gambling pastime. I leave you to draw your own conclusions: photo by Stephen Cairns, 26 October 2013

 caution sign (Kansas City): photo by Clayton Percy, 26 January 2014

Hotel (Skid row, Los Angeles): photo by michaelj1998, 23 January 2014

shinjuku, tokyo: photo by wire_paladinSF, 10 April 2014

star lofts and fireplug, downtown kansas city: photo by Clayton Percy, 26 January 2014