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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Carl Sandburg: I Am the People, the Mob (A Poetry Comic by Nora Sawyer)


Carl Sandburg (1878-1967): I Am the People, the Mob (A Poetry Comic by Nora Sawyer), from Nora Sawyer, 5 February 2015
I Am the People, the Mob first appeared in Chicago Poems (1916)


TC said...

So you're perhaps wondering, why the Nora doubleheader? Do we deserve this unprecedented showering of riches?

And the answer is, Yes, we do, because we are the mob.

I can't think of Rumi, a poet from far away, without simultaneously thinking of Carl Sandburg, a poet from my home town -- and, wonder of wonders, neither can Nora, it turns out, in a way.

And this is the way of the mob, and there is no other way.

Anonymous said...

something to think about...

TC said...


I know. I've been thinking about it all night.

tpw said...

Hey, the People are busy right now checking their smart phones. But I still hope some day they'll remember enough to send the Koch Bros to the guillotine.

Anonymous said...

if we tell what we think we probably would engage in an endless conversation...:)

TC said...

I am the mob.

The K-Bros come from me.

They die.

Then I bring forth more K-Bros.

They die too, ruining our perfectly fine guillotine with their toxic green blood.

We're ok with that. We're the mob. Who needs a guillotine. This is America. We can order up drone strikes online.

We are the mob.


What's that delicious smell over there? Oil? Near the Valley of the Styx? In the Acheron Basin? Along the Straits of Avernus?

We are the Undead. Count on us being first in on the drilling rights.