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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Memoirs of Beatnik Glory

For Adults Only, Seduction! | by Voxphoto

For Adults Only, Seduction! I know this looks pretty steamy, but I have literally no memory of what is on this record, so you probably shouldn't get your hopes up.: photo by Ross, 29 November 2014

Oh, that's what they all say, these crazy old beatniks! 
Literally no memory of all that steamy beatnik fun!! 
As though vacuity were achievement -- and forget 
That pretend familiarity with Monsieur Proust,
We're now claiming to have no memory of anything at all
Until it's time for the required rehearsal of the auratic lore
In the desirable celebrity icon name-configuration
With expected legendary anecdote deployment
Before the interested cameras at the university conference!

beatnik | by Jerome Olivier

beatnik [Montreal]: photo by Jerome Olivier, 18 June 2015

Tonight I'll be auctioning off 2x framed ink illustrations to raise money for the film "Beatnik" shot in Oakland, CA.  In the film they discuss jazz, art, culture, and politics.  $20 at the door Studio 620 :: St Pete, FL :: 8pm-11pm  #stpete #stpetersburg | by mrSAY [DNAK:EARWIGS]

Advertisement for Beatnik Under the Stars fundraiser [St Petersburg, Florida]: photo by mrSAY [DNAK:EARWIGS], 29 August 2014

Beatnik Dictionary, 1960 | by Tom Simpson

Beatnik Dictionary, 1960: photo by Tom Simpson, 6 August 2014

1960 Playboy Magazine Ad, "How to Run a Coffee House" Book | by classic_film

"How to Run a Coffehouse" book advertisement, from Playboy, August 1960 Vol. 7 No. 8: photo by Classic Film, 19 November 2013

Advertisement for Beatniks from Space, a new Beat Journal of the arts. The neither nor press, Ann Arbor, Michigan. | by Wystan

Advertisement for beatniks from space, A New Beat journal of the Arts: photo by Wystan, 8 July 2014

Kerouac Cafe | by Rust Belt Jessie

Kerouac Cafe [St. Louis, Missouri]: photo by Sam Lozoff via Jessie Lynn McMains, 13 June 2006

Don't Envy the Beatnik | by Rust Belt Jessie

Don't Envy the Beatnik. BE ONE. [St. Louis, Missouri]: photo by Jessie Lynn McMains, 13 June 2006

Beatnik Botijo Club (botijo 2117) | by El señor Ubé y el señor Botijo

Beatnik Botijo Club (botijo 2117). En el club, esperando vete tú a saber. (Imagen original: Los Angeles Times, August 27, 1959: "Beatnik Beauties posing before a sample of beatnik art are contestants for the title of Miss Beatnik of 1959". Venice, California): photo by Ubé, 3 February 2015

#beatnik friday in #northbeach #sf | by rebeccac411

#beatnik friday in #northbeach #sf: photo by Rebecca Chesney, 28 November 2014

#Beatnik parties... cool: image via Talinn Arts @TalinnArts, 6 May 2016   Talinn, Estonia

ステッカー、頂きました! #BEATNIK JUNCTIN [sic]
: image via @minoru0930, 28 April 2016 

"Un psicótico es una persona que descubrió lo que está pasando" #generacionbeat #Beatnik #williamburroughs #quotes: image via BeatnikArgentina @beatnikarg, 4 May 2016

 Summer reading starts now. #18waits #summer #books #beatnik #beat #book: image via 18 waits @18waits, 23 May 2016

#Beatnik One who lives "like no tomorrows" Glossary via @TheJeffBridges: image via lovemenuart, 1 June 2016

"I'm bored -- I think I'll become a BEATNIK"
: image via Book Dirt, 7 October 2011

On the bar this week the delicious #pale #ale #beatnik by #GipsyHillBrew #craft #brew #smallbatch: image via The Bull Ditching, 18 May 2016 
beatnik | by prosperproductions

beatnik [San Francisco]: photo by prosperproductions, 3 September 2014

Beatnik Bar | by A.Currell

Beatnik Bar [Baltimore]: photo by J. Currell, 15 October 2013 


TC said...

Some ancients may actually remember the beatnik coffeehouse ambience. The first Beat Coffeehouse in Chi-Town, a bleak little hole-in-the-wall on the near north side, was called the College of Complexes, and I can still remember the place (not being a beatnik does wonders for the memory, it seems). Intently miserable-looking types in actual wee beards and leotards, many with notebooks and sketchpads, mostly peeping up over the book or pad to see who might be looking. From this early acquaintance I drew the conclusion, Beat = Neurotic.

tpw said...

Thank god for Ernie Bushmiller!

TC said...


Wasn't it Ernie who once referred to Proust as the Old Teahead of Time?

Conscientious scholar that I am, tracing this whole distinguished Beat lineage has now led me -- not without your inspiration truth must be told -- into a serious Donnybrook.