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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Little Bang



The night was hot and heavy and a hazed arc
Flared from the dark rising lamp city
The way a star might ignite above the banks
Of some unlit river, wasting on objects
More revelation than they are worth
To those who dwell and toil amid the ruins

At the witching hour, now, there’s little bang
Left to shrink from, nothing much, just these same blank
Vistas, all lost, receding, much as the man
On the Jupiter mission got littler
And littler, so too we, older, grow closer
To other spheres than to that earth we recall

File:Mel 111.jpg

Big Bang: NASA animation conceptualizing the beginnings of the universe
Mel 111, open cluster in Coma Berenices: astronomical simulation by Roberto Mura


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