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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Little Hymn to Athene


Pallas Athene: Parmigianino, c. 1539 (Royal Collection, Windsor)

This morning
post storm sky
the world got a good wash
now the sea green
depths conceal a cold
and clean heaven
that by remaining
(thus hidden) mimics
your austerity flags
coming out of the bath
before your epheboi
me a dim votary
(burnt out bulb)
standing under
the cold shower of
your cosmic aspect

File:Douriscup 83d40m Athene aegisWingedLionessOwl pythonVomitsJason fleeceInTree Vatican.jpg

Athene Winged Lioness Owl with Python Regurgitating Jason: Etrurian red-figured cup, c. 480-470 BC (Vatican Museum)

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