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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Under the Fortune Palms


File:Henri Rousseau - The Flamingoes.jpg

Some people think meanings are hard to find
In the 1980’s decade of great emptiness
Among the bungalows of Samarkand
I stood under the fortune palms
And watched for a sign to blow by
In the throbbing Santa Ana
But all that came my way
Was the remote echo of a woman’s voice
From down around Xanadu Street
Calling for her dog to stay

The Flamingoes: Henri Rousseau, 1907 (private collection)


Dale said...

Tom, I love these poems. I like the simple surfaces and the echoes through time and place. They got me thinking about a dream I had recently, and I posted it over at possum ego. Thanks for these.

Farfalla Press said...

Dale is right, the poems have a dream logic quality that is stunning. Thanks Tom