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Friday, 15 May 2009

All Thought

File:Monarch flock.jpg

What's all this commotion, as of
king-wings in migration
a strange fluttering in the boughs
in the great night of souls

In the little oak grove
out back the dying
plum is choked out
by the young oak

Above, the vast blue
climbed by a cloud-wall
suggests all thought's

Monarch flock: photo by Jeremy Kemp, 2005

Monarch butterfly spring migration: photo by Adriane Grimaldi, 2009


Elmo St. Rose said...

The Monarch Butterfly Spring

For seekers of beauty and truth:
quite a show for little ol you,
a perfect antidote for momentary
intellectual delusions

TC/BTP said...

and maybe for long-term ones

Pollyanna said...

Indeed you are right Tom, this would make lovely hat adornments...

Pollyanna said...

Sorry meant to say "these would make lovely hat adornments"...

phaneronoemikon said...

The dahlia
is the food of butterflies.