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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Happy Talk


The ability to accept physical
Expression without mediation, is
Not this genius of a kind? Deep breathing,
Forepaws kneading, eyes squeezed shut in pleasure squint,
Dark Sister forms herself into a comma,
Thick brown belly fur cradling my plying hand
To bring forth this low down voicebox motor hum
That keeps on coming -- happy talk, nature's speech --


Tobysittingfunny: photographer unknown

Tortoiseshell cat: photo by Esiegel76, 2007

R.I.P. Dark Sister, 1987-2009


Annie said...

No doubt all the happy talk helped Dark Sister live to her amazingly advanced age, as felines go...still it's never easy to see our familiar intermediaries out. Each has their unique way of reminding us we belong to an even broader world than we usually acknowledge, and how often that triggers our own genius for comfort or delight...sorry your home is a little emptier now.

Dale said...

Genius--for sure. The animal kingdom reigns supreme in my book. It and plants. Much love to you on this sad occasion.

TC/BTP said...

Thanks Annie and Dale.

Spot on about the broader world. A bit narrower now for the loss of an old friend, but deeper for the kind words from both of you, old friends also (though I hasten to add that in "human years" we'd call neither of you old).

DS was a foundling born in the rough (of a golf course in fact) and she proved her mettle many a time back in her territorial days, when she was always the smallest critter on the block yet tougher than the rest. Or thought she was, which often proved nearly as effective.

She was a dear one and will be greatly missed.

poetowen said...

There's just something about a tortoise shell cat--sweetest members of the animal kingdom.

So sorry to hear about Dark Sister's passing.

My thoughts are with you, old friend.


TC/BTP said...

Thanks so much Owen.

The incurable fool in me would like to think that at this moment the spirit of DS is basking in the sunlight of the Great Beyond, enjoying a sprig of catnip with Gertrude.

Dream on, old man...

Nora said...

I can imagine the elysian fields carpeted with catnip. Achilles strikes me as a cat person.

Anonymous said...

It is so hard to let them go. But it is very important for them to have us by their side when they leave. It happened to me two years ago with my beloved "Gordo", a stray dog I welcomed into my life. He was the most grateful creature I've ever known.

Anonymous said...

You words, your words *sigh* an almost closing down, a hush of the night's progression.It is never easy the 'letting go'
But I am still liking your words( how ever hard they pull at my heart strings), you and the pictures that accompany such. And I have just learnt something I never knew, that Tortoiseshell cats;all being female.Thank you oh opener of light in my brain.