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Friday, 29 May 2009



Her voice is heard, and then the child’s
who is her daughter, and they both sound
very young, they are both young girls
and they are talking in the garden
under the pear trellis, and their
hair shines in the sun, and the pear
petals snow on them, and they are one
person, going down through linear
time, but apart from it, parallel
and talking, and breathing again
and flashing and moving along that line

Pear blossoms, California
: photo by Elf, 2008


Nora said...

I love this.

Zephirine said...

Yes, it's beautiful.

TC/BTP said...

Nora, Zeph,

Many thanks.

Dale said...

"pear / petals snow..." Lovely.... Dale

Sue Ann Simar said...

One/Two: Really good capture of the Oneness outside of time. Like looking at tree bark and forgetting your body is covered with skin.
Sue Ann Simar

TC said...

Sue Ann,

Thanks, that's lovely. I am all in favor of that kind of looking and that kind of forgetting!

A pretty bit of tree bark for Sue Ann