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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Up the Creek

File:Blue Jay Creek3.JPG

Had been trying to find its course for years

sans mechanical intervention

toward some thought somebody had had about something

but on the way kept getting lost in the tall weeds

and forgetting its purpose must have been

to arrive somewhere not to stay to splash

File:Codornices Creek.JPG

Blue Jay Creek in Allegheny National Forest: photo by Ivo Shandor, 2006

Codornices Creek at Live Oak Park, Berkeley, California: photo by Coro, 2009


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog via Wikepedia - looking to see if you've any new books due. Been reading you over 30 years. Wow, this is so good. Just spent over an hour reading through. And will be back for more. Made me blog for the first time too! Cheers


TC/BTP said...


Thanks for visiting and please do come back again, the blog is for people like you.

As to books: I have perforce turned this blog into a Book by putting into it what I like of my work, allowing other work to mutate so as to fit the moment, then doing some new pieces, and trying to get the parts, if not to connect up perfectly like puzzle dots, at least to be in conversation with each other...and with the images of course (those do most of the real talking)... and with kind readers like you.

As to "real" books, I do have a book of poems, The New World, produced mostly from my early Depression era night street ramblings, due from Libellum Books, New York, in November.

Mike said...

Thanks for the reply. I don't think anyone's ever written perforce to me in an email before! If anyone can make this sort of blog work it's you. I've just shown February's Rosa the Foxfinch to my 17 year old son and he said it was 'sick' - which means really good!

I love the idea of the old and new pieces mutating and in conversation with each other - & look forward to reading more.