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Wednesday, 10 June 2009



File:1957 West Pacific tropical storm 1 track.png

At forty unusual phenomena occur. The chimney
whistles & the windows blister (rain).

At fifty to sixty it chases the cat in, breaks the
pinebranch (Bishop), rips the eucalyptus leaf
loose, wakes the baby, shakes the roof & bangs
the door.

At seventy individual sounds subside in the general roar.

At eighty a flash heralds the arrival of Storm King
in a black leather riding outfit (Coldwater Canyon,
1941), accompanied by Mildred Pierce, stunning
in a mauve chemise by de Kooning. Everybody’s drunk
flooded puddle in the bloody rain and driving

At this point transmission ended due to power failure.

File:Pacific typhoon tracks 1980-2005.jpg

West Pacific tropical storm track, 1957
: image created by Nilfanion, 2006. Background image: NASA.

Northwest Pacific tropical cyclone tracks, 1980--2005: image created by Nilfanion, 2007. Background image: NASA

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