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Sunday, 21 June 2009

No Tears for Buccaneers


File:Pyle pirate relaxing2.jpg

On a calm sea everybody is a pilot
But this night when the waves bucked like mustangs
The young lady returned to her quarters
Where the shadows turned out to be pirates

No longer wonder at the cruelty of pirates, girl
Men may be read, as well as books, too much
Even we pirates, fascinating as we are,
Have a way of leaving you lonely nights

Thus spoke the dashing Mr. Kidd despite the weather
As a wind rushed in pre-emptively from outer space
It made Runaround Sue wonder about the universe
But the big ship plunged on into the night

File:HMS Hermes (1811) and Mouche.jpg

Pirate Relaxing -- William "Captain" Kidd: Howard Pyle (from Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates)
Destruction of La Mouche, Privateer of Boulogne, by H.M.S. Hermes, 14th Sept. 1811 off Beachy Head in a Heavy Gale: Capt. Philip Brown and I. Clark (engraver) (British Museum)

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