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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Valley in Relief

File:九重葛 Dscf8152-24.jpg

The frightening ballast of dust licks
The sky that fades from lavender to beige
The red tips of the bougainvillea are
Lit by some kind of internal gas
Also legible on maps of purgatory

An unfolding topology of tracks
Over which
Cars move between the flat dark areas
Through the
Motionless light diffusing haze

File:Bougainvillea San Diego.jpg

: photo by raeltw, 2007

Bougainvillea hanging from interstate 5, San Diego
: photo by Ohnoitsjamie, 2006

: Syd Mead via Dark Roasted Blend


phaneronoemikon said...

what a great heaving phantasma of bougainvillea, purg-a-tory indeed..

TC/BTP said...


Yes, the blossom clump seems to be heaving down from the Eleventh Circle... of the Interstate.