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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Pacific Melt

File:Cluster M15.jpg

Wild form, deep form, form out of the
Arabic night

God your conspicuous discrete
desert stars are trucks of light
on very distant highway 101's
over which
I am hitchhiking tonight

The waves feathering out in ink
beyond Obispo, toward Conception
toward Surf, a black like blue
jello out of Jules Verne's star-bowls

the world a crushed grape to
someone on Betelgeuse


File:Betelgeuse supernova.png

Hot blue stars at the core of Globular Cluster M15, 2006 (NASA/HST)

Point Conception Lighthouse, Santa Barbara Country, Ca.: aerial photo by Jv4nvc, 2009

Orion constellation seen as Betelgeuse is about to undergo supernova: image created by Henrykus using Celestia, 2009

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