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Thursday, 30 July 2009

January 25th


File:The Plum Blossoms.jpg

Lying here while she’s not

picking out

stark empty-armed plum tree traceries

Sunday morning world still dark

after forty days of the world night

January 25th a great

vacancy in the creation


Henri Matisse, Atelier Martine, Paris and France. Printed Fabric. Before 1913

into which return the unageing

eternal things

green entry

out the window in the scrub backyard

the small

dark red plum buds still furled in

to themselves on long thin finger

branches start to swell out

File:'Plum Blossoms', ink and color on gold paper by Ogata Kôrin, Japanese fan, 1702, Honolulu Academy of Arts.jpg

The Plum Blossoms: Henri Matisse, 1948 (Museum of Modern Art)

Printed fabric: Henri Matisse (before 1913) (Museum of Modern Art)

Plum blossoms (Japanese fan): Ogata Korin, 1702 (Honolulu Academy of Arts)


u.v.ray. said...

As simple and flowing as your poems initially appear, repeated reading unfurls emotional intricacies. Beautiful, evocative as always.

TC said...


Many thanks--as you know the unfurling of the feeling is what one seeks to follow, always a matter of inner listening and concurrent fumbling to articulate the flow... as it slips through one's hands.

human being said...

i loved the way i moved away from concrete in this poem...

Anonymous said...

A warm awakening.

TC said...

Sí, es cierto.