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Friday, 31 July 2009

"Maybe it's just..."


Arcipelago Koh Tang by Joker 74.

... been feeling kind of funny lately,

only about half-here...

maybe it's just me...

can't find the joke

with a microscope, can't

tell the difference

between the smoke

and the dream

and the mirrors,

the flatness

and opacity

of the real, and the false



of the dream...


Arcipelago Koh Tang: photo by Joker 74, 2008
: photo by Jon Sullivan, 200


Lally said...

Nevertheless, too late to stop now.

TC said...


Thanks for the good word. I shall draw from, encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Life depends on the colour of the glasses we look through into it. Sometimes, we can see that scenery in the photograph =)

Mariana Soffer said...

Beautifull pictures, my favourite is the one on the lower part.
And I think your last 3 lines are fantastic, they are from a real poet those ones.
take care tom

Pinkerbell said...

Photos can only show what the eye can see I suppose. Maybe the rest of the senses or the mood of our hearts tells us it's not as beautiful as it appears or stops us seeing altogether. I guess it goes back to what we were saying below about the difficulty in pinning down the words which seem so close until you try to write them. Maybe if you're not sure of what you're seeing you're trying to see too much? Overthinking it? Of course in writing a poem you have to put things into words, but it can evade you, like touching clouds. A relevant poem to how I feel a lot of the time!

TC said...

Lucy, Mariana, Pinkerbell,

Many thanks. The scariest thing about putting up poems is that the responses will tell you things that were not in your head when you put up the post. And the loveliest thing about putting up poems is that the responses will tell you things that were not in your head when you put up the post. Or perhaps they were. Either way nothing is better than having a few friends. I always learn from you. And that is a blessing I'd never be tempted to take for granted.

u.v.ray. said...

Ah, you see, I would now refer to you as:

Tom "orange juice" Clark.

Except, that makes you sound like a rapper or a DJ.

Pinkerbell said...

TC - yes I know what you mean, once you've published it you no longer have any control over how it is read and what it means. It's pretty scary leaving comments in case I say anything daft or miss the point completely, but you're always very nice about it, so that helps.

TC said...


I'll take OJ
any day


I'm not sure anyone ever gets the point of anything but here we are talking, that's the point. And do understand that you could make daft comments for the rest of your life and never sound half so daft as I am sure I have sounded in at least half the comments I have ever made.

It was probably not I who made the discovery that life has plenty of things to be scared of, but it is I who will guarantee that for you leaving a comment here will never be one of those things. (I love your comments and never think they're daft at all.)

Pinkerbell said...

And now you have to love my comments because you've said so (ha ha) - I can write any old rubbish now (not that I would)

I don't comment if I don't understand what's going on. That happens often in my life and I'm learning to realise that it's not an inadequacy, just that my eyes are larger than my stomach and often I can't digest everything as fast as I'm trying to read things.

Zephirine said...

"Considering how dangerous everything is, nothing is really very frightening."
I'm not sure I agree with this statement by Gertrude Stein, but it has a fine stalwart quality to it, and it seems to fit in here, somehow.

TC said...


Don't mind your eyes being larger than your stomach, there are millions who would buy that problem from you if it were for sale.


Stalwart is obviously a quality we could use more of around here.