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Friday, 31 July 2009




Thoughts in


head in

the clouds

that tone

goes on & on

when it ends

it’s gone

“clear as a


the ocean's


the cat’s meow

the phone rings

in the Sahara

the sky is blue

there is no one to talk to

Levée de lune Algérie: photo by Bertrand Devouard/Florence Devouard, 2004-2005


human being said...

there is no one to talk to
except YOU...

TC said...

...and the feeling is mutual, as you can see. The world did seem in some ways a deserted place while you were searching for a new home. I hope you have found the tree of light and that the fountain is again flowing with its stories for you. Every oasis is also a mirage but that does not stop us from seeking, seeking...

Anonymous said...

We are not alone.

Mariana Soffer said...

Beautiful poem.
I think there is who to talk to, you can talk to the sea, the stream is always willing to speak

TC said...

Lucy, Mariana,

Muchas gracias, amigas. Sometimes one needs to hear these things.

human being said...

ah surely you are part of that you... who is not you...

TC said...

...yes, it must be so.