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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Poetry Street


File:Paper cup.JPG

On Poverty Street, the disinterested
click of Dixie Cups on bakelite trays
reminds me that prose exists.

Paper cup
: photo by Glane23, 2008

Bakelite tray: image via Sintetica


Pinkerbell said...

A pleasant little ditty here Tom.

Poetry, prose - I still have to struggle to feel they just exist, but music exists everywhere, I'd have heard these rhythms as music.

TC said...

Thank you P, that's what I hope they are.

Anonymous said...

And only true artists can see the prose, the poetry and the music in every simple thing life offers to us.

Mariana Soffer said...

Potry can be found everywhere, it depends on how the artist perception is, and the channels hi has to connect trough the inspirational source of it. I found it amazing but not suprising being able to find it where you describe here.

TC said...

Lucy and Mariana,

Yes, I believe both of you are right, it's the disposition and the attitude not the object that make the art. See clearly and openly, stay in the moment, don't worry about categories and everything else will follow.