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Sunday, 6 September 2009

An Unnoticeable Star


File:BlackHole Lensing.gif

Particulate matter
sucked within the event horizon
dragging space and time
into the ergosphere
whole galaxies never to be seen again
after one sardonic Ray Milland grin

The universe is not a friendly place
to grow up in

Just another pretty face
but behind that blank
and vapid mask
a supercilious nonchalance
with just a faint
undercurrent of malice

A safecracker hiding his
whiskey bottles in the chandelier

Something disturbing
yet horribly true about
his mixture of extreme
irritation and disbelief
with almost gentlemanly disgust

Cosmic dust and gas
spiralling into a black hole
at the center of a galaxy

Something about reality
Ray Milland couldn't stand

File:Ray Milland in A Life of Her Own trailer.JPG

File:Ray Milland in A Life of Her Own trailer 2.JPG

Animated simulation of gravitational lensing caused by a black hole: image by Falcorian, 2006

Ray Milland, from the film A Life of Her Own (1950): screenshots by Thirdship, 2008


phaneronoemikon said...

this is brilliant Tom.
very cool.

TC said...

Thank you Lanny, always a pleasure to go for a spin within the event horizon with you...

David Grove said...

Milland could see through that mask with his x-ray eyes.

TC said...


A little known fact about Ray is that he bore upon his right bicep a skull tattoo with a snake curled around the top, its tail emerging from the eye sockets--all the better for x-raying perhaps.