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Tuesday, 1 September 2009



Walking in the woods, I found the thread
of dread that led to the endarkened
clearing — as a flame
fibrillates in the leaves
around the edges of the trees
into which one fears to go — so courses through one

File:Naverkarr ljus.JPG

a thread
of light that flickers —
the factum
is the fatum —
9/22 AUTUMN BEGINS (7:05 P.M., EDT)
as evening falls


Bestand:Najaarszon op hefstbos.jpg

Näverkärr natural preserve (Härnaset, Bohuslän, Sweden): photo by Johan Jönsson, 2009
Herfstkleuren (autumn clearing): photo by Dick Mudde, 2007
Najaarszon op herstbos (autumn sunshine): photo by Bram van Oirschott, 2006


Mariana Soffer said...

Beautiful post, I liked the poem, I liked a lot the sentence that it starts with, and also the words you play with towards the end of the text. And the pictures are amazing beautiful autom leaves that fall, looking as a perfect representation of all the trees during the fall.

Take care friend

TC said...

Kind words, Mariana.

When I was writing this one a small voice in the brain kept saying "The Fact is the Fate." I don't know if that was the accumulation of life experience, some ancient echo of Germanic philosophy or merely my vascular headache speaking.

I had in my mind the picture of an "endarkened clearing", which is of course an oxymoron. But lately I find it almost impossible to put words on anything without also including the opposite. Negative dialectics may be one way to describe this, but again, it may be merely brain damage. At any rate I'm currently finding it impossible to sort out the light from the shade.

It occurred to me in the middle of last night that Carl Jung might have been right about everything. But of course that thought had absolutely nothing to do with this poem... except in the Jungian sense that none of our thoughts are exclusively personal anyway, nor does the order of events in history count for all that much in the long run. But this may just mean that I need some sleep.

Thanks as always for enlightening my endarkened clearings my dear.