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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Entertainment Medium


File:Trapeze Artists in Circus.jpg

Flying through air, hanging upside down,
Tumbling, defying gravity for a lark:

Life going on while containing closure,
What in the world could be more common,

So, human; passing; thus, why requiring pain?
Loss sensed as hurt down through the drab ages;

Why not, one might ask, as freedom from same?
Forlorn the very word is like a bell

Miss Interpretation takes as an alarm
When may hap it might signal a homeward tolling;

Could also sound like a child's toy horn; to a clown
Tones of desolation might trigger laughter

Or tears; from the cheap seats all's equal either
Way; any sort of show brings down the house:

Flying through air, hanging upside down,
Tumbling, defying gravity for a lark.

File:Georges Seurat 019.jpg

Trapeze Artists in Circus: Calvert Lithograph Co., 1890 (Library of Congress)
Circus: George Seurat, 1891 (Musée d'Orsay, Paris)


leigh tuplin said...

This is so insightful. Indeed why not?

Anonymous said...

See, this is another reason why I like how you write or I like how I read how you write, your words.Because not only each time I read you, I see something different but also that when I read such, I can read your words in different ways. And here....Literally 'trapezing' and 'trapezing' in our life. Well mine anyway!

TC said...

Leigh and SarahA,

I think maybe all three of us are balancing precariously on things and swinging dangerously from things all the time and perhaps occasionally even not falling off.

But of course I am only joking by including two such healthy and sane individuals as yourselves in my admission that this is a circus of sorts.

Anonymous said...

This world is a circus. Some acts are nice, some are boring, some are dangerous and some take our breath away. Beyond all this, we are supposed to enjoy the show!

TC said...


Those Hendersons do feel like family...

But you know we shouldn't joke about this!

Anonymous said...

Poor lady! I feel pity for her. But I have never liked clowns, anyway, or magicians. When I went to the circus I preferred the acrobats, the trapeze artists, the tightrope walkers and the dancers. Of course that was a very long time ago :)

TC said...


My first memory of the circus... a bit traumatic. The show was thrilling enough. I was bought a large size stick of "cotton candy" (spun sugar floss). Somehow I consumed the entirety of it. On the ensuing homeward trip, the world began to spin horribly. Someone opened the door of the vehicle, allowing the child to be sick.

No fear of clowns though. Perhaps a touch of spectrophobia (fear of mirrors with clowns in them).