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Thursday, 5 November 2009



File:Piece of cobalt blue sea glass.jpg

Silence is a distillate of noise.

Beneath the traffic hum and whoosh a tiny

Island of quiet is deposited

An oasis of reflection leached out

Of a symphony of power saws

The mechanical tools of human convenience.


In the universe of glass I dream

(Which is actually made of icy words)

The glass boat that floats in

A glass pool to the musical

Silence of a glass étude…

Is absolutely unheard.

File:Libyan Desert Glass.jpg

Cobalt blue sea glass bottle top: photo by Swampyank, 2009

Libyan Desert Glass (impact glass found in Great Sand Sea): photo by H. Raab, 2006


aditya said...

Silence is a distillate of noise.

This left me absolutely speechless. Yes. What a way to start a poem and then build up the way you did ! Beautiful. The second para reminds of a lot of things.

It is a delight reading you.

TC said...

Thank you Aditya, and you know the feeling is mutual.

human being said...

ahhh... what a mind you have!
silence... a condensation of noises... it reminds me of sufis' concept of nothingness...

loved sitting here picturing the images you built here... it was like a zen koan for me...

TC said...


I love to think about the vast passages of time that can be read into the history of a shard of sea glass or desert glass, reminding me after a while of the making of souls...

human being said...

souls... shards of glass... all used to be one... a whole that broke into pieces... creating the only dance there is... the journey toward the one...