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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Leave of Absence


File:Hibernaculum sweepings.jpg

Hibernaculum sweepings: photo by PixOnTrax, 2006

Slim consolation offered -- ticket on jet
Home once the going gets strange and family
Or is it authorities intervene
In what was probably framed in the stars
Or whatever it is blows all this around --
A seedpod in the wind, just another
Random young person lost and asking
Is this all there is, all there ever was


charlie vermont said...

the bloom is short lived
evanescent spring
and fall after all

a tumbling tumbleweed
like a rolling stone

presque vu for
you and you

almost seen
and in between

search the source
source the search

TC said...


Thanks for your faith.

Here's our homecoming confabulation:

A Glimpse of Hope

Your friend, T