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Wednesday 24 December 2014

The most patriotic picture ever taken of me


I think I found the most patriotic picture ever taken of me... #Murica #America #Merica #BestCountry: image via Murica Man @AmericaWillWin, 23 December 2014

All packed #MURICA: image via lauren_bohnet @laurenbohnet, 23 December 2014

just a lil something I bought my 11 yr old #MURICA: image via sugarmouse mich @michesf, 23 December 2014

I think I just figured out what comes out on christmas... patriotism #MURICA: image via Sab @sabbybaby30, 23 December 2014

Had to laugh at this man's shirt real quick #MURICA: image via Ram-Z @___ARam, 23 December 2014

Throwback to spirit week #murica: image via Gwynnie the Pooh @GwynMasterson, 23 December 2014

Happy Holidays #Murica: image via Aron @LongLiveAron, 23 December 2014

Just died and went to goldfish heaven #publix #MURICA: image via Sab @sabbybaby30, 23 December 2014

 #MURICA RT @Variety: Update: "The Interview" will play in more than 200 theaters: image via Robal @robalj, 23 December 2014

@WaddupStas well I just picked me up two freedoms #murica: image via salamander @varycoolman579, 23 December 2014

@garethisatwit Saw this at the store and wanted to get it for you :) #murica: image via Sean Cull @seanreloaded, 23 December 2014

"@milesjreed:"  JEEZ PROTECT #MURICA TELL O-BAMER TO STAHP ALL THEM DAMNED ILLEGALS. SEE? I GOT CHART!!!: image via Johntree Xmascinogen @Dhamma_Punk, 14 December 2014

My red white and blue duffel wins. Also it's ridiculously easy to spot coming down baggage claim #murica: image via True White Guy @true_whiteguy, 14 December 2014

Sorry #murica, it's the truth: image via The Godless North @TheGodlessNorth, 14 December 2014

True patriots would keep these up all year #Murica #America #Merica #BestCountry: image via Murica Man @AmericaWillWin, 14 December 2014

Throwing down with some post-work minigolf. #Murica: image via Thomas Kyle-Milward @ThomasKMilward, 14 December 2014

This dinner steak was twice as big as the breakfast one, so it needed a bigger utensil #Murica #America #Merica #BestCountry: image via Murica Man @AmericaWillWin, 14 December 2014

America, where not even santas helpers are safe #Murica #AmericaTheBeauutiful #GIJoe #WaterBoarding #ISupportIt: image via Big Lee @LiamLebow_11, 15 December 2014

#Chevy #Murica This Is The Kind Of Stuff That Makes Us Who We Are, We Arent Rich But We Make Do With What We Have: image via niko rangel @Rangel4Niko, 15 December 2014

DSCF2457 (Hummer, Detroit): photo by locaburg, 27 August

#Murica/RT @sfpelosi: Bad ideas, worse spelling #GOPGifts RT @RTheObamaDiary: Inpeech, @TheDaily Edge!: image via Larry @expedience2, 21 December 2014

And just when I thought #murica wasn't weird enough.... : image via Jonna verdandi @JonnaVerdandi, 21 December 2014

Screens on screens on screens. #murica: image via Dana Cowley @danacowley, 23 December 2014

Same location as previous tweet #murica: image via Dana Cowley @danacowley, 23 December 2014

Still from the 50ties, but some things never changed. #Murica: image via Teutonic Twat Dragon @VioB77, 23 December 2014

Good god. This should not come frozen in a box. #Murica: image via Jacob Voss vossjz, 23 December 2014

UPDATE: @AlamoDenver raises flag for freedom! "The Interview" is coming to Colorado: image via Laura Keeney @LauraKeeney, 23 December 2014

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So it looks like the interview is going to be shown. #MURICA?: image via Jeremy @coqui7797, 23 December 2014

Looks like #TheInterview will have a select premier after all. Back to dignitary assassination plots as usual #Murica: image via IGN @IGN, 23 December 2014

Police try to control a crowd on the lot of a gas station following a police shooting in Berkeley, Missouri
: photo by David Carson/AP via the Guardian, 24 December 2014


Nin Andrews said...

What an amazing list!

Merry Christmas Tom.

Issa's Untidy Hut said...

A dizzying array of images, viewed early this Christmas eve to the sound of traditional Celtic viol music.

So I myself am at least in part responsible for my own whirling brain.

Wishing you all the best, Tom ... the country itself, to say nothing of the species, seems to be beyond any wishing, best or otherwise.

Don at Lilliput ...

erin said...

just awake for the day. i woke through a dream. a small alien spacecraft arrived and stopped in midair behind my mother's house. it extended a ramp and then another and then another, unfolding itself, duplicating its small aliens until it was a rather large manifestation of what (calmly, systematically) appeared to be an earth takeover. i was surprised at first, alarmed, as were others, but it took only moments for us to become docile and dough eyed, simply standing there waiting for whatever else might unfold.

i see this was a dream of reality. the aliens are amongst us. we are the aliens.

on another note, the dream morphed, and just before i awoke i was feeding an old woman her favorite lunch. her name was luna. her favorite lunch was alphaghetti. how far we have come!

but on the most serious note, love to you and yours. i hope a moment of profound holiness finds you))


Anonymous said...

I wonder if someone has investigated about the times guns have been a perk...(?)

manik sharma said...


At any rate "blow me a new hole to breath through" will become THE thing, if not a thing. Best wishes.

billoo said...

Merry Christmas, Tom!



Hilton said...

Make it a happy unpatriotic universally ridiculous lunatic holiday - and keep away from the cops.

TC said...

Many thanks, kind friends, and sorry to be a bit slow -- well, even slower than usual. It's that kind of time.

Nonetheless, Merry Christmas, Nin!

Don, small world, I've been having that whirling-dervish-brain too. Nothing so lovely as a Celtic viol as inspiration, but still, where there's brain-whirling, there must be hope... (?)

Erin, I had no idea. Not even dreams are free of capitalist branding and subtle incitements to violence, any more. Alpha-Getti, yet another casus belli. The Christmas star rises over Bedlam. And here I'd thought Murica was the only place where stuff like this was happening.

Dispute over Alpha-Getti leads to gunfire

Sandra, yesterday a two-year old toddler found her mum's gun in her purse while shopping at Walmart, and immediately used it to do what guns are meant to do... killed her mum. But here it's perfectly legal to carry a loaded gun in your purse and leave your purse in your shopping cart with your two-year old.

Manik, about the new breathing hole idea, I think it'll be THE thing. For everybody. Soon.

Billoo, gracias, and same-same to you...

Hilton, Good advice, and I've been obeying it to the letter... though these days the lunatic edge is a little bit difficult to maintain... demented drooling old person kept safely (?) off in corner -- perhaps closer to the true state of affairs. Ho-ho-ho.