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Thursday 11 December 2014

This Is Hollywood

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Angelina Jolie is a spoiled, untalented brat (according to a big Hollywood producer): image via MszMax, 10 December 2014

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Hollywood is apparantly [SIC] run by teenagers. Thought you needed skills, diplomacy, charm, etc for these jobs...#SonyHack: image via Gillian de Nooijer @GillianDN, 10 December 2014

  #SonyHack is the gift that keeps on giving #AmyPascal and #ScottRudin lovely exchange: image via The Gossip Hustle @The GossipHustle, 10 December 2014

Emails Show Sony Planning a Jump Street/MIB Crossover Cause Why Not #SonyHack: image via gadgets Story @GadgetsStory, 10 December 2014

WoW! Some of these leaked emails from the #SonyHack are just crazy!: image via Shane McAvoy @shane_mcavoy, 10 December 2014

My favorite of the leaked emails from the Sony hack. #DavidFincher #StarWars: image via Matt Rodriguez @Majiesto, 10 December 2014

Natalie Portman Passes on 'Steve Jobs' Biopic: image via MovieWeb @MovieWeb, 8 December 2014

@JamesFrancoTV and @SethRogen's #TheInterview Will Not Be Shown in Asia: image via The Wrap @TheWrap, 10 December 2014

#US warned #Sony of risk of #TheInterview long before hack: image via McClatchyDC @McClatchyDC, 10 December 2014

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Sony Execs Reportedly Debated Risk of #TheInterview Before Hack: image via Hollywood reporter @THR, 9 December 2014

The #Sony CEO ordered censorship of #TheInterview, according to a report: image via ITP.Net @ITP_English, 10 December 2014

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Sony will not be granting interviews at the premiere of#TheInterview, on Thursday: image via  image via The Wrap @TheWrap, 10 December 2014

 #Sony limits media access to premiere of #NorthKorea spoof movie The Interview after hacking: Image by The Straits Times @STcom, 10 
December 2014

Sony hackers demand #TheInterview be canceled - or else: image via TODAY @TODAYshow, 9 December 2014

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Did N. Korea hack into Sony for payback against Seth Rogen & James Franco's #TheInterview?: image via CineMovie TV @CineMovie, 4 Deccember 2014

Nah that's my weed card. "@Darth Vader_No1: Pic of #KimJongUn with the stolen Sony data, already in gold leaf casing”: image via Kim Jong Un @TrillKimJongUn, 2 December 2014

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The #Sony hack is a watershed if North Korea was involved -- Business Insider: image via Rob Greer @robhgreer, 10 December 2014

Hackers that broke into Sony servers last week have been tracked back to a hotel in #Bangkok: image via TweakTown @TweakTown, 10 December 2014

oy! my inbox is a friggen minefield today #SonyHack: image via Ryan Adams @filmystic, 10 December 2014
#JamesFranco #tiger #selfie #animalselfie #TheInterview #TheMindyProject #PaloAlto #ThisistheEnd #funny #Sonyhacks: image via Bluetooth Selfie @ BluetoothSelfie, 5 December 2014

Why are there hundreds of birds circling over #Hollywood and Vine?: image via LA  City Nerd @LACityNerd, 10 December 2014

Liberal Democrats in the #USA. Where the real racists are. #SonyHack: image via Somi Ekhasomhi, 11 December 2014 

TMZ: Sony exec calls Kevin Hart a WHORE! #SonyHack: image via Celebrity News Feed @_CelebNewsFeed, 10 December 2014

#ScottRudin On #Obama's Favorite Movies: "I Bet He Likes #KevinHart" #AmyPascal: image via Obama Updates @obamolizer, 10 December 2014

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 @jessicaalba is Cash Money? #Sony hack attack reveals aliases that Hollywood stars use: image via ST Communities @ ST_Communities, 9 December 2014

9 crazy-random celebrity facts to come out of the leaked emails in the #SonyHack: image via POPSUGAR Australia @popsugarau, 10 December 2014

#Ajolie #AngelinaJolie stunning beautiful perfect: image via Deanna O'Donnell @Dee29091997, 10 December 2014

The 11 Best  #AngelinaJolie Movies: image via, 10 December 2014

Man dies after being shot by police in #Hollywood near Walk of Fame: image via Anonymous @YourAnonGlobal, 6 December 2014

Chalked message referring to LAPD shooting in #Hollywood Friday night reads, "Welcome to a murder scene.": image via Erika Aguilar @erikaaguilar, 6 December 2014

History repeats itself #AngelinaJolie is #Cleopatra: image via Randy Klein @randyklein, 10 December 2014

Angelina Jolie: has Hollywood lost faith in her Cleopatra remake?
: photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez via The Guardian, 10 December 2014

SONY HACK SCANDAL GROWS; P.R. DISASTER #SonyHack: image via Cinema Retro @CinemaRetro, 10 December 2014

Sexual threats other CIA torture methods in Guantanamo detailed in Senate report #CIATorture: image via Intifada Palestine @Pal_Intifada, 10 December 2014

Seth Rogen quaffs: image via Seth Rogen @Sethrogen, 10 December 2014

i thought the torture report was from when it was under the bush administration...? RT @bassem_masri:  #CIATorture: image via MykeMurdaStallone, 10 December 2014


manik sharma said...

That last sardonic image is wonderful in a strange way. What only does not surprise me in these leaks is the fact that people within tinsel-town were always supposed to be like us. They are humans just like us, and gladly for once they appear so. The awards season, the dresses, the carpet underneath those dresses, and the awful speeches is synonymous with the "weird" assembly of people in bunny costumes - only difference being the costumes here are more human and the idea of what is about to happen, a lot clearer (may I say like a script). Perhaps it is only a matter of time before someone drags in that canister of gas at one of these charades.

TC said...


Alas I fear it may be true that "They are humans just like us".

But human as we are, these Sony execs have set the bar high, for it will remain for most of us a steep challenge to match the vanity, concupiscence, greed, cynicism, mad powerlust and other lovely human qualities evinced in these business-as-usual emails, which differ from what one imagines to be the usual industry messaging traffic in one respect only.

We were permitted to see them.

TC said...

By the by, in case anyone cares, the dynamics of petty jealousy and competitive rivalry, merely hinted at in the specimen exchanges we see here, can pretty much be mapped in hard numbers.

Who profits how much from what is predictably the worried issue. The details are odious, but in short, from what we've learned from the close analysts of these solemn matters, one of the lead actors in the North Korea spoof flick (Rogen) was being paid $2 million more than the other (Franco).

And Kevin Hart, who made quite a bit of money for Sony in one of those racially-targeted-demographic vehicles the Sony execs joke about being Obama's faves, had the nerve to come back later and ask for a bigger piece of the action -- the "grounds" for their calling him a "whore".

Hart by the way doesn't appear to be taking any of this very kindly. After all, as he said today, his "brand" is at stake.

The spatting top dog power team of Pascal and Rubin was busy today spewing disingenuous apology for the casual racism in their charming epistolary exchanges.

Separate apologies, of course.

Same old glass-bottom boat -- we've just been accidentally invited aboard; beneath the glamour and glitz and lifestyle and thick coating of paparazzi-love, the attitudes and behaviour of the subsurface life-forms in these waters, one suspects, don't change much over the years.

Mose23 said...

I've just watched an extended interview with Mike Leigh. Can't imagine a sharper contrast: Leigh's generosity and wit set against these hollowed out children's sour closed circuit.

TC said...

Funny you should say that Duncan -- we've just seen Leigh's new Dickensian turn on JMW Turner, with Tim Spall in fine form -- and that European production ended up in American release through guess which megacompany. Hint, it's the same one featured here, and thanks to this action, something like 50K viewers have already been able to see it, the "leaked" version that is. The publicity ought to give it a boost.

Over the past week the depths of the malevolence and viciousness in the email trash exposed by this story have become less and less fathomable. Nothing but fins cutting darkly through stinky red water and bits of shredded flesh floating.

The attacks of predator upon predator are almost too exquisite to behold.

At one point the charming Mr Rudin, whose power evidently knows no bounds, even turns on "producer" Megan Ellison, daughter of Larry Ellison, of the Ellison fortune -- what already passes as Old Money in this gross, grubby excuse for a country -- whom he endearingly calls "bipolar".

Now THERE'S a brass set for you, one's tempted to think.

But of course you'd figure the bipolar brats would rarely get cc'd when the going gets toxic...