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Wednesday, 3 June 2009


File:The tree of crows.jpg

Two crows sew themselves onto the lace flag
Of that flying cloud, whose cosmetic grace
Adorning the Plain Jane face of the day
Pins them in an unlikely halo of pale light
After one blast of which they dance away,
Croaking shrilly as abandoned divas
Whose black scarves flap in the breeze
Over every home and panorama, dark precise
Signs washed up on the air to be noticed
Out of a continuous process of succession

The Tree of Crows

Tree with crows: Caspar David Friedrich, 1822 (Musée du Louvre)

1 comment:

human being said...


hey you are a great painter!

loved all those images giving this impressin that those crows are not dissolved in the scene but they are 'imposing' themselves there (sew themselves; pin them; precise signs... to be noticed...)

this is it! this is why crows are so black... they want to be noticed... because they've got a message to deliver...

your soul is in a never-ending dance with all the elements of the cosmos... you understand their language... and what a brilliant translator you are!

thanks for being there...

love and peace to you