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Sunday 15 March 2015



Mum: "Where are you?" Me: "At home cleaning, why where are you?" Mum: "Next to you at the traffic lights.." #slipping
: image via Izzy Ahmed @iamIzzyAhmed, 18 October 2014

Everywhere now gaps
in remembrance of things past
last Tuesday

vapors and mists

Wednesday Thursday Friday
all missed
perhaps you weren't present
nothing can be lost
that never did exist
if you don't remember
........................... it
must have been pleasant though not
always falling about like this
you guess

"@DeathOrFlex: This Goofy Witt The Hat!!! Ahh OPPP BOUTTA DROP EM #slipping": image via Rambo Lamborghini @Quanie, 1 June 2014

I caught my #air buddies knocked out cold #slipping last night: image via Kavan Kern @KernKavan, 27 February 2015

She looked high I PROMISE MY GF WAS NOT HIGH #slipping #Marisolfig23: image via Anthony Owens @_anthony_owens, 13 March 2015

Caught this boy slipping you tired buddy?  #slipping #ricky #sleepyboy #caughtoffguard #gotcha #sorrynotsorry: image via Gotcha Querétaro @Gotcha Querétaro, 20 April 2014

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@ChrisAllenSkywx definitely not seeing big snow in dwntwn BG #snowday Did see someone slip and fall #ice #slippin: image via andee rudloff  @andee rudloff, 5 March 2015 Bowling Green, KY

"@neatorama: Trending Man Falling on Ice for 9 Seconds" he fought hard #ice #slipping: image via Sonia Grasse @gabardine, 24 February 2015

Dad laughing at kids slipping in front of his car. Mean but hilarious. #slipping: image via Daniel Gennaoui @ DanieGennaoui, 10 March 2015

Caped crusader … Madonna takes a tumble at the Brits: photo by Toby Melville/Reuters via The Guardian, 4 March 2015


TC said...

Quadron: Slippin'

Anonymous said...

"if you don´t remember it" ...I agree!


slip slidin' away (on the ice in front of dad's car -- no ice here, nor snow in the mtns, nor rain of any kind.

TC said...

Steve, as a denizen, I'm sure you will understand that there are now these days and nights when the unaccountable lack of seasonal rain affects in at least some small way everything living, all the way up to the higher levels of the lifestyle carbon emission chain, at which level citizens here are now being told their watering must occur no more than twice a week.

Right, the honour system.

But aye, the middle of the night -- now there's the rub.

The night sounds of water being unconscionably and surreptitiously wasted elide into a continuous unconsoling babble, as all the night sprinkler system kick off, unseen, unmonitored.

The movie mogul up the street's always off to an international film festival somewhere, and it really doesn't matter whether he's here or not, as his automatic sprinkler system is preprogrammed to produce cascading middle-of-the-night night emissions, à la the water skullduggery in Chinatown.

When I became so bold as to suggest to him that, in view of the fact there is no water for the animals -- our farthinking mayor having turned off the water in the Arlington Circle fountain which for many years have been keeping the mule deer of these hillsides alive -- for humans to wastefully and mechanically flush dozens of gallons at a time down the storm drains under cover of night, well, shameful.

He replied by brusque email he can't do anything about it, it's programmed.

Meanwhile the municipal monopoly is now charging each customer a rate calculated as a percentage of the household usage two years ago; that amount has to be reduced by 25 percent.

Two years ago, as now, we were infinitely frugal in our water usage, which is, by volume, certainly no more than a tenth of what is used by our lawn-friendly, splash-tub-happy neighbours up and down ye block.

So for us, to cut out a quarter of our water use is a big deal.

My partner feels that calculating by percentages and not by volume is criminal, favouring the water thieves, that is.

Of course she was brought up in a civilised country, New Zealand, where a sense of community was not regarded as a nutty aberration, so her views don't count.

Guess that about covers it... until the fires begin.