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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Alternating Current


File:Hasegawa Tohaku, Pine Trees.jpg

In your head a light is speaking, a tiny desirous bud.

Inside the glass bubble, a wire does all the work. Itself puny,

It reads the book for you, representing you to the light.

File:Pine Trees.jpg

Pine trees (six-folded screens, left and right): Hasegawa Tohaku, 16th c (Tokyo National Museum)


billymills said...

Much as I enjoy the anthology of favourites, it's a real joy to read one of your own, Tom. A de-light, perhaps?

TC said...

De-lighted to hear from you, Billy.

In the dark as always, but attempting to illuminate the haunted castle with "Klassik und Moderne".

TC said...

BTW folks, in case it is not obvious, the far right panel of each of the six-folded screens reproduced on this post has alas been cropped. In the case of the lower screen that cropping is particularly unfortunate; it can however be cured, and the full screen restored, by a simple click on the image.

(Balance of course bearing approximately the same relation to design as breathing to life.)