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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

"The blue planet lights..."


NASA's Blue Marble by Goddard Photo and Video Blog.

The blue planet lights
up in valediction
The sun shoots
high out over
the Pacific to the west
When it goes
down into the cold water
at night it lights up the under
side of the cirro
cumulus with bands of pink that go
over into gold saffron
and rose against
the great deepening blue

NASA's Blue Marble by Goddard Photo and Video Blog.

Planet Earth ("The blue marble"): Terra satellite views from 700 km.; NASA Goddard Space Flight Center images by Reto Stöckl, with data and technical support by MODIS and USGS, February 25, 2010


Anonymous said...

we ourselves
exist on the whole

Melissa said...

once again
why the deepening
blue sunstar

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images you have planted in my mind's eye, with you words written.

And Thomas! Spring! She has both feet in(dancng her dance) now.

TC said...

once again
down we go
into the starless night

... but then, here comes SarahA, reminding us we should always be dancing with the waves... now, can Spring be far behind?