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Wednesday, 10 March 2010



Dogs, Pigeons & Black cat by blmurch.

A flutter

in empty space

the world again


Dogs, Pigeons & Black Cat, Buenos Aires: photo by blmurch, February 27, 2010




Beautiful -- the top picture just appeared (suddenly, where an empty box w/ some hieroglyphs had been), the world 'appears' in its present moment again, just as new day begins. . . .


pale orange of sky on horizon above black
of trees, whiteness of moon next to leaf
in foreground, sound of wave in channel

saying to disclosed showing
being, present itself

in reproduction, thought in
different light, that

silver of sunlight reflected in channel,
waning white moon in cloudless blue sky

Curtis Roberts said...

As for the cat, dog and birds photo, I guess the only thing to say is a homely, "well I never". We have cats, dogs and birds and this picture would be impossible in our house. Since the image is of such recent vintage, possibly it records the first instance of this phenomenon. Or maybe Argentina is just different.

TC said...


An apparition of pale orange against black trees and white moon next to leaf, how fine.


Know what you mean. My guess would be that Argentina is just different. I don't think we do peaceable interactive plenum very well here in el Norte.

But let us ask Stephen if we might borrow his oracle on this:

disclosed showing
being, present itself

They were always right, the Old Masters.

(Heidegger is imagined reaching for the Old Crow, stashed under an ontological foundation stone in the misty marshlands somewhere near the sources of the Istar...)

human being said...


is the beginning
the end
all the hands
that extend...


dear grand spirit... you have called all the souls here, eh?
how i feel at home... they talk to me... all of them... their flutter... their caress... their being together...
the way that crow gives meaning to the direction the marble woman is looking...

you write a poem... and haunt part of our mind and heart... then you add some pictures... and then we are just spellbound! your choice is poetry too...

thanks for this and the rest of this soulful series... you are a gem!


(ps. i'm really honored to be invited to this festival of dancing souls...)

TC said...


Yes, the movement of the crow animates the statue.

It's been speculated that crows are playful birds, so successful at what they do (food getting) that they have plenty of time left over when the practical things are taken care of, for pure pleasure.

(Dancing souls, as you say.)

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...


Just read your poem (like magic) I'm in love.

Annie said...

Hi Tom,
Thanks for the quickener. A perfect four-line journey.

Beatrice M said...

Glad you liked the photo, thank you for respecting the license. I took this a couple of weekends ago while on a bike ride around the the former river front. There was a large bus (that people were living in?) parked on the side of the street. They seemed to have a couple of puppies and this cat. They were hanging out and I took a bunch of snaps and caught this wonderful moment. The cat was perched up on the electrical box? sort of half-assed hunting the pigeons and the puppies wanted to play!

Beatrice M said...

Oh small small world. I grew up in Bolinas and went to school with Stephen's daughter!

TC said...


So lovely to hear from you! I have long harboured great admiration for your photos and your blog. This photo captures a wonderful moment of natural abundance amid the teeming flow of life.

And... yes, small world... speaking of Bolinas... we were there from 1968 to 1978, the first five years out on the lip of the mesa near Duxbury Reef, the next five years mid-mesa, just around the (muddy) corner from where you grew up. Our daughter was a classmate of your brother Walter. So, appropriately enough, in some way it stays "all in the family"!

Many thanks again.

Beatrice M said...

Tom - what a wonderful connection! I was three in 1978, so sorry for not remembering the link. ::waves hi from Argentina:: It is great to connect here on the blogosphere. I am glad that you like my photos and my blog. I look forward to staying in touch.

TC said...


We both believe in magic.


And thanks to you. (A slow-lane type like me always needs a bit of quickening.)


This belated reunion is really a pleasure. We will certainly stay in touch.


Tom and Beatrice,

My gosh, I've just now read through the comments that came in yesterday -- yes, the proverbial small world (!). Oona is a painter in New York, just had baby (Oona Emmanuelle), Johnny (my now 5 year old child) and I are going there in 10 days to see them again. And your photo from Buenos Aires 'appears' here, followed by our talking back and forth about Bolinas.
What does it all mean (?), these parallel universes. . . .


first grey light in sky above still black
ridge, orange edge of moon beside leaves
in foreground, sound of wave in channel

physical effect, conditions
regarded as one which

view ideas, anticipate part,
depends on parameters

silver of sunlight reflected in channel,
slope of sandstone cliff across from it

Mariana Soffer said...

Nice post tom.
We do not need much to be complete, we must never forget that.
take care

TC said...

Yes, for sure.

Thanks my friend!


nice to see you interview in Vanitas (linked in Ron's blog) just now. Birds still fluttering. . . .


light coming into sky above still black
plane of ridge, robin calling on branch
in foreground, sound of wave in channel

ordinary phenomena, objects
not perceiving things

in painted space, pictorial
semblance, concept of

silver of sunlight reflected in channel,
white cloud in pale blue sky on horizon

Julia said...

Wonderful post! Love the poem, the picture & the lovely comments!
I could say Argentina IS different...