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Sunday, 7 March 2010



File:BMW Oracle (488128168).jpg

The cars go by
just like they did

BMW Oracle, Copa América, Valencia
: photo by Sento, 2007


human being said...

terse and sharp!

love it when a poem can cut so deep!

human being said...

and the title!

gosh... Tom... terrific!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry I deleted the above, because I posted the wrong words *sigh* You would not have understood me Thomas. I did not even understand myself!

So to correct myself...

I am thinking this is true, you. Yes; we believe things are changing, but not really so.I am also thinking,whatever is happening in our own lives; the world's wheel never stops turning/curning. And in so few words, you say much/provoke much thought's within my cob-web brain!

TC said...

Thank you, you two.

There are no two poets I would rather have "get it."

BTW, there is a continuous flow of traffic past our house, which overlooks a freeway feeder. We've never had a car, so the endless rush of commuter traffic (compelled by "getting and spending"--Wordsworth) speaks to us of alien gods..

human being said...

such great privilege... thanks!

we too chose not to have cars... and share with you that feeling of alien gods... speaking...


Robb said...

Ha! Also soooo good.

TC said...

Very pleased people are seeing and liking this.

By the way, I have been meditating upon the image for some time. It draws me in. New sets of thoughts with every successive viewing. I enjoy that sort of process.

The Casa de la Copa América in Valencia, Spain is a cubic building mounted with four large screens. It reflects many things, some intentional, some maybe not so much.

The story the building intends to tell (the verb might be advertise in this case) is that of the famous America's Cup yacht race, from the Cup's origins in 1851 to the present day.

A few further facts:

"BMW Oracle Racing is an American sailboat racing syndicate initially formed to compete for the 2003 America’s Cup. They competed again in the 2007 event before winning the 33rd America's Cup regatta in 2010, representing the Golden Gate Yacht Club.

"The syndicate was initially named simply Oracle for the 2003 campaign and backed primarily by Larry Ellison, the wealthy co-founder and CEO of Oracle Corporation, but was renamed in August 2004 to Oracle BMW Racing to reflect the German company's role, and subsequently revised again to BMW Oracle Racing to reflect increased involvement from BMW."

Of course as is obvious the title of this post refers only obliquely, and for the sake of the joke, to Larry Ellison's megabusiness -- which will hopefully be washed away with the shifting of the sands of time, leaving something of poetry behind.

An oracle (let us be elementary for a moment, after all the meter isn't running), as everybody knows, is a person or agency considered to be a source of wise counsel or prophetic opinion. The term may also refer to a revealed prediction or precognition of the future, from deities, spoken through another object or life-form. There are auguries, auspices & c. Seldom do these come with exhaust pipes.