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Thursday 18 March 2010

James Schuyler: Starlings


File:Lamprotornis hildebrandti  -Tanzania-8-2c.jpg

The starlings are singing!

You could call it singing.

At any rate, they are starlings.

Starlings: James Schuyler, from Other Flowers: Uncollected Poems (2010)

Hildebrandt's starling (Lamprotornis hildebrandti), Tanzania: photo by Noel Fearns, 2010


Curtis Roberts said...

That's one really attractive starling. Funny poem too.

TC said...

Thanks Curtis. I thought so too, in both cases. said...

Hi Tom, I always loved what Joseph Cornell purportedly confided (to Rudy Burckhardt):
"I'm a sucker for birds".
Another beautiful posting
All best

TC said...

Hi Simon,

Sweet to hear from you -- I was trying to meet two very high standards, your eye and Jimmy's.

(By the way there is something in the air heading your way this week...assuming you are "at home"?)

Readers should know that Simon Pettet and James Meetze co-edited this wonderful new volume, Schuyler's Uncollected.