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Wednesday 17 September 2014

An End to Empire


"I didnae ken!": A Scotsman being hit by a pie: Adam Cuerden, 2008

Jesus: But Father you have created this wondrous land with beautiful scenery and natural wonders, why are you so generous to these people?

God: Yes my Son! But wait until you see the Neighbours I am giving them!

william the wallace, 15 March 2006

THURSDAY'S THE TIMES WRAP: Funny you'd think it was a UK referendum -- and they wonder why we want to leave!!!
: image via Scotland @Independent_SCO on twitter, 18 September 2014

Q. What do you have when 100 English football fans are buried up to their necks in sand?

A. Not enough sand.
BarryOuski, 22 February 2005

Four Catalonian firefighters drove over 1,500 miles to show support for #indyref  'Yes' vote
: image via Scotland @Independent_SCO on twitter, 18 September 2014

An American is on 'vacation' in the UK and is touring famous Cathedrals and churches. In London, he visits Westminster Abbey and sees a golden telephone with a sign advertising 'calls to God, £1000'.

In York, he visits York Minster and sees the same golden telephone with the same sign advertising 'calls to God, £1000'.

In Edinburgh, he visits St Giles and again sees the same golden telephone, but this time the sign reads 'calls to God, 10p'.
Surprised, he seeks out a member of the clergy and asks,

'Minister, in Westminster Abbey and York Minster I have seen this golden telephone and calls to God advertised at £1000, yet here the price is only 10p! Why is that?'
The Minister replies 'Ah, you are in Scotland now. It's a local call!'

Ewan Carmichael, 10 October 2006

Oh come on, are there this many people in Scotland? So many pics! :D George Square from above: image via HIGHLAND SNP @HighlandSNP on twitter, 18 September 2014

Bad news for the Empire as their troops begin to join the rebellion: image via James Doleman @jamesdoleman on twitter, 18 September 2014

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Glasgow now.
Don't tell the Daily Mail: photo image via One @RetroScot on twitter, 18 September 2014

Fantastic Nation East of Ireland and South of Norway of Haggis Munching Commando Bollocked Handsome Devils.

Natural Enemies of The Sassenachs English, we live in an uneasy truce for now, called The United Kingdom on the island of Great Britain.

But that will change shortly when we decide to become independent again.

Hamish Bond, 7 June 2006

Huge support for @YesScotland in Galashiels tonight!l: photo image via Yes Scottish Borders @YesScotBorders on twitter, 18 September 2014
On the Brink

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: image via Scotland @Independent_SCO on twitter, 18 September 2014

Invasion of the Giant Spiders

DON'T WORRY PEOPLE -- IT'S NOT THE LATEST PROJECT FEAR HEADLINE -- just a run of the mill Daily Star Front Page :-)
: image via YES Scotland @Independent_SCO on twitter, 17 September 2014

Beware of Sheep

File:Beware of sheep - - 1304806.jpg

Beware of sheep. They seem innocent enough to me in this field near Chatto. This old RAC sign is by the minor road from Hownam. An identical sign is by the road to Sourhope, southwest of Attonburn: photo by Walter Baxter, 13 May 2009

File:A new arrival at Henderland - - 1249901.jpg

A new arrival at Henderland. A new born lamb gets a look of approval from mum in a field at Henderland Farm: photo by Walter Baxter, 13 April 2009

File:Sheep at Chester Knowe near Gattonside - - 241851.jpg

Sheep at Chester Knowe near Gattonside. Sheep normally run away when approached, but this lot came rushing up expecting to be fed and stayed around for a while
: photo by Walter Baxter, 17 September 2006

File:A horseshoe of sheep - - 1762772.jpg

 A horseshoe of sheep. To the northwest of Redheugh Farm where the farmer has made a feed delivery in this field by the east coast:
photo by Walter Baxter, 19 March 2010

File:Sheep in the mist - - 657204.jpg

Sheep in the mist. Brightly marked sheep viewed from the Southern Upland Way in misty conditions
: photo by Walter Baxter, 12 January 2008

Let the sun set

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THURSDAY'S DAILY EXPRESS SCOTLAND EDITION: "Don't let the sun set on our union': image via Scotland @Independent_SCO on twitter, 18 September 2014


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DAILY MIRROR FRONT PAGE: Thurs 18 Sept, 14: image via Scotland @Independent_SCO on twitter, 18 September 2014
Stone and Water
The Battle of Culloden: David Morier, 1746

"He would not allow Scotland to derive any credit from Lord Mansfield; for he was educated in England. 'Much may be made of a Scotchman, if he be *caught* young.'"
"Mr. Arthur Lee mentioned some Scotch who had taken possession of a barren part of America, and wondered why they would choose it. Johnson: 'Why, Sir, all barrenness is comparative. The *Scotch* would not know it to be barren.'"

"Your country consists of two things, stone and water. There is, indeed, a little earth above the stone in some places, but a very little; and the stone is always appearing. It is like a man in rags; the naked skin is still peeping out."

"What enemy would invade Scotland, where there is nothing to be got?"

"Knowledge was divided among the Scots, like bread in a besieged town, to every man a mouthful, to no man a bellyful."

"Asked by a Scot what Johnson thought of Scotland: 'That it is a very vile country, to be sure, Sir' 'Well, Sir! (replies the Scot, somewhat mortified), God made it.' Johnson: 'Certainly he did; but we must always remember that he made it for Scotchmen.'"

from James Boswell: The Life of Samuel Johnson, 1791

Heriot's Hospital, Edinburgh
: Joseph William Mallord Turner, c. 1819 (National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh)
Inhabitants of St. Kildans sitting on the village street: photographer unknown, 1886 (National Trust of Scotland) 

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DAILY MIRROR -- May we respectfully suggest you change the hashtag to #madeyouboak: Six Shades of Condescending: image via YES Scotland @Independent_SCO on twitter, 17 September 2014

"Gonnee put that tit away. Yer givin' me the boak" -- Burney Nesbitt.
World of Weird, 10 July 2003

Empire: The 11th Hour


The sunset

Fields at sunset, Langholm, Dumfriesshire, Scotland: photo by Bug in Box, 10 October 2009


TC said...

"...colonized by wankers..."

Spud's job interview: "You're the man, the dude in the chair. I am merely here."

manik sharma said...


This is anything but as potent as the Irish resurgence of the early years of the last century. That said, this is perhaps a little too sensible for the empire's liking. I can't help but recall Leslie Nielsen's remarks about the queen in one of the naked gun films..something like "as stupid as the idea of having a queen ..", something like that.. What is certain, this is an imperial sunset(for the empire that once was), because come dawn everyone is nuclear, and untouchable even from a distance.

Hazen said...

Oh, that empire. From the post title I thought you might be meaning the one Across The Pond. Could we have a twofer, please?

Nora said...

Nessie has cast her vote