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Tuesday 30 September 2014

Ideology #2: With Respect


New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter warms up Thursday night: photo by Kathy Willens/AP via Chicago Sun-Times, 26 September 2014

Netanyahu uses Derek Jeter analogy while talking about terrorism

Chad Merda/AP via Chicago Sun-Times, 29 September 2014

UNITED NATIONS — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the United Nations General Assembly Monday, comparing his country's recent bombing campaign in Gaza to the U.S.-led strikes against militants in Iraq and Syria, saying Hamas and the Islamic State group share the same goal of world domination.

He railed against countries who condemned Israel for its war with Hamas while world leaders praised President Barack Obama for attacking Islamic State militants and other extremists.

And Netanyahu managed to incorporate a Derek Jeter analogy into his speech.

"To say that Iran doesn't practice terrorism is like saying Derek Jeter never played shortstop for the New York Yankees," he said.

Netanyahu addresses the general assembly.

Netanyahu addresses the general assembly: photo by Seth Wenig/AP via The Guardian, 29 September 2014

After a 20-year rivalry, Fenway Park tipped its collective cap to Derek Jeter on Sunday: photo by  M. Scott Brauer for The New York Times, 28 September 2014

Awesome in pinstripes for Bibi and the Captain tonight

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The Empire State Building in Yankee pinstripes for the captain tonight. Awesome: image via Meredith Frost @MeredithFrost, 28 September 2014

Pure Class, plus Bonus Pickle WMD and Weird Derek Good Luck Icon

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The Weirdest Derek Jeter Memorabilia You Can Buy Right Now: image via Molly Fitzpatrick @mollyfitz, 25 September 2014

Hey! It's About Me! And New York! And Iran!

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The Captain. #Walkoff. How else would you expect it to end?
: image via New York Yankees @Yankees, 25 September 2014

God Is Great, with Two Classic Meats

#FarewellCaptain: image via Meredith Frost @MeredithFrost, 25 September 2014

At The UN Bibi Netanyahu Compares Iran To Derek Jeter, Twitter Responds Accordingly: Zayin A'Ayin, Heeb, September 29, 2014

Pop quiz, hotshot: When is the Nation of Iran like one of the greatest baseball players of the modern age?

If you’re scratching your head at that one, it’s safe to say you probably haven’t been watching Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu speak at the United Nations General Assembly. There, the Israeli head of state stood up in front of some world’s most powerful political figures, jumped on the Derek Jeter good-will bandwagon… and, well, see for yourself:

“To say that Iran doesn’t practice terrorism is to say Derek Jeter never played shortstop for the New York Yankees”

Wait, what? Is Derek Jeter Iran? Are The Yankees… terrorists? It’s a sloppy metaphor to be sure. Clearly Bibi here is trying to speak over the heads of the assembled UN notables, and directly to the folks at home. But insta-viral quotes like this smack of zeitgeisty opportunism, and not the serious business of statecraft. Which is probably why the moment Bibi uttered his Jeter jibe, the internet reacted with the same degree of somberness a line like that deserves:

And what do you think, #2?

So I guess Bibi is saying Iran is in first-ballot terrorism hall of fame but, by the numbers, is statistically overrated as a state sponsor

Damn you, Bibi, for inviting Derek Jeter/Iran-terrorism comparisons.

You can taste the classiness RT @JessicaGlenza: Carnegie Deli honors Jeter with $28 sandwich.


Derek Jeter with ad for Derek Jeter $28 Sandwich: image via TMZ Sports, 29 September 2014

Derek Jeter: Famous NYC Deli Honors #2... With $28 Sandwich

It might be the most special of all the Derek Jeter tributes -- TMZ Sports has learned the legendary Carnegie Deli in NYC will now offer a $28 sandwich to honor the Yankees captain.

So, what does one get for $28?

A rep for the deli tells us ... the "Derek Jeter Triple Club Sandwich" comes piled high with 2 classic meats (because he's #2) -- turkey and bacon.

Plus, several slices of American cheese -- with tomato and lettuce ... served on toasted white bread.


The deli rep adds, "We chose American Cheese because nothing is more American than baseball.

"BONUS -- if you sit down to eat at the restaurant, you get complimentary pickles!"

Man Carrying Prop

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Is that a prop? RT @IsraeliPM: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his way to speak before the UN General Assembly: image via Gregg Carlstrom @glcarlstrom, 29 September 2014

Excerpts from twitter commentary on Netanyahu UNGA speech by US Editor Chemi Shalev, 29 September 2014:

Netanyahu speech at end of GA, with hardly anyone around, sparks Twitter-Facebook memes and jokes about which gimmick he will use this time
I can already hear the groans RT @BarakRavid: Netanyahu's speech at UNGA will include a reference to Derek Jeter
Netanyahu laying the groundwork for claiming that Gaza campaign was part of war against militant Islam rather than Palestinians
Hello? Not sure Yankees' fans will appreciate comparison of Iran to Derek Jeter. Gimmicks sometimes backfire, you know
Israel tries to enlist UNGA in war against Hamas. Not sure there will be many volunteers
Netanyahu - IDF upholds the highest moral values of any army in the world. Says army deserves "admiration of decent people everywhere"
Netanyahu shows blurry photo of rocket launchers near Palestinian children. Where's the guy who drew the Roadrunner Iranian nuke?
Now for the anti-Semitism chapter: Netanyahu says it masquerades as "legitimate criticism of Israel"
Netanyahu using every trick in the hasbara book that he's used in the past: perhaps this speech should be called Bib's Greatest Hits
Looks like Netanyahu didn't persuade the Icelandic FM who followed him: lambasts settlements and "superfluous" Gaza campaign

Netanyahu's hate speech at #UNGA today: image via kristyan benedict @KreaseChan, 29 September 2014

Netanyahu's done. Militant Islam=Nazis=Iran=Derek Jeter, obligatory graphic, no mention of Palestinian state.
-- from the United Nations General Assembly: Gregg Carlstrom @glcarlstrom, 29 September 2014

#Palestine delegate listening to Netanyahu’s speech is not having it: image via Shawn Carriée @Shawncarrie, 29 September 2014


#UNGA hall half empty during Netanyahu’s speech. ~100 guests of #Israel Gov. on upper/side seats applauded repeatedly: image via Bahman Kahlbasi @BahmanKalbasi, 29 September 2014

Derek's dating diamond: can Bibi have been driven into mad metaphor by simple envy of the captain and his awesome pickle?

Derek Jeter's dating diamond is something else: image via Meredith Frost @MeredithFrost, 28 September 2014 [retweeted 182 times since original SportsNation post 13 February 2014]


manik sharma said...


I've never quite seen the diamond applied to represent such a demographic of sorts. Wonderful. hah!

TC said...

Manik, The man is a saint and a legend in that hideous town of course, and obviously the network Illuminati Girls light candles to him, so it's no wonder Bibi would want a piece of the ripe diamond action.

But as with everything else (except, naturally, dealing with Palestinians), there are certain rules of the game.

For example...

How to get some cool, expensive memorabilia from Derek, free of charge (evidently not so difficult)

How NOT to get Derek to autograph your memorabilia (hint: tell him it's for your fiancée)