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Tuesday, 30 June 2009




We’re alone my shadow and me
You’re alone with your shadow too
The first day and the last day the same
First song same as last song

The stream weeps passing under concrete
Habitual deer have retreated
The earth is covered with vehicles
Meant to secure the unknown against us

The caged bird said this place is very pretty
Excellent for lunch fine for sleeping
But if I might ask one thing more
How come nobody thought to put in a door


Strawberry Creek coming out of the culvert from UC Berkeley: photo by Coro, 2009
Strawberry Creek as it leaves the park: photo by Coro, 2009



Lavender said...

All true, nice one Tom.

TC said...

Thanks, Lav.

I'm sure this bird would gladly skip lunch in a cage for the joy of a photo-op with you!