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Tuesday, 16 June 2009



File:Mountains of Kabul.jpg

The desert moves like a museum made of light.
Its mighty magnitude goes on and on.
It blasts the sleeping woman in her bed. It
Blasts the sleeping man. They are made clean.
Then the wind moves off to Afghanistan.

These are millennial figures.
The tank sits upon the white sand.
The men are away from home for the first time.
Beyond them the great lonely peaks glisten.
They will hear familiar songs in the night wind.

Over to the east the great fires will burn
And burn. Something moves restlessly along the sand.
The wind picks it up and blows it away over the desert.

It is gone into another dimension.
It is like a memory or an artifact in a museum.
The desert washes everything clean.
A bright dog runs from Kabul to Albuquerque.

File:Mesa verde cliff palace close.jpg

Snow mountains of Kabul: photo by Joe Burger, 2007
Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde: Jacob Rus, 2005

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