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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Pensive Angel Waits



File:Cirrocumulus to Altocumulus.JPG

After the sponge bath
Spice cake and coffee
In a sky blue china cup

The pensive angel waits
Among unfallen things
For the moment to open its wings

Tiny clouds float by
Like bits of soap
In a bowl of very blue water

The angel waits
For nimble rays of day
To bring oxygen to her blood

A fragile being sleeps
In a silky chamber
Of the angel's lovely body

A leaf spins itself
The leaf’s a roof
Over the trembling flower

Everything’s safe there
Because nothing that breathes
Air is alone in the world

File:Bolinas highaltitude 1982.jpg

I Wait: photo by Julia Margaret Cameron, 1860s
Cirrocumulus stratiformis and blue blue sky: photo by Simon Eugster, 2005
Bolinas Peninsula from 40,000 feet: photo by US Geological Survey, 1982

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