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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Long Goodbye


The color of stepped on gum
is the color of our times.
The light of our times is
the light in the 14th St.
subway at 2 a.m. The air
of our times is the air of the
Greyhound depot, Market
& Sixth. It is prime time. A passed
out sailor sits pitched
forward like a sack of laundry
in a plastic bucket seat
his forehead resting on
the movie of the week. The Long Goodbye.


poetowen said...

Just reread the book, and re-viewed the movie. Current colors or our time should be more interesting--all bright and digital--but I just get overstimulated (and not in a good way).

Would like to reprint the poem on my blog--permission?


TC said...


Sure, and give a link if you can?

Saw the film myself not long ago. The opening sequences, brilliant, casual, almost like life... could the bit with the kitty possibly have been rehearsed?