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Thursday, 11 June 2009

The Riddle


File:Dawn Xepon Laos.jpg

When the answer
Cannot be put into words

The question
Cannot be put into words

The riddle does not exist
So it's good morrow

As day's lovely banner unfurls
In the world

Blue dawn suffused
With red and gold

Before the dogs
And birds awake

I walk with beauty
Like the night

Down the dark cliff
To the murmuring sea

On the path to enlightenment
And inner peace

With one black eye
And a bloody lip

File:Red sunrise.jpg

Early morning, Xepon, Laos: photo by Peter Rimar. 2007

Red sunrise: photo by Fir0002, 2004


phaneronoemikon said...

Oh my god I love this one!
simple. but effective to the max!!

Stu said...

Tom, I'd say the black eye and bloody lip are what make this quintessentially 'Zen'. Inner peace 'don't come easy' sometimes...

Sometimes I feel the riddle (whatever it is) doesn't exist, at other times I'm all for riddling...

Anonymous said...
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