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Monday, 29 June 2009



File:Warty comb jelly (mnemiopsis) 2.jpg

Summer night
klang of stars
inner acoustic

File:Pleiades large.jpg

water diamonds
the oars

File:Noctiluca scintillans varias.jpg

Warty comb jellyfish (Mnemiopsis), Monterey Aquarium: photo by Bastique, 2006
Open cluster of Pleaiades: Palomar telescope color-composite image of Pleaiades star cluster, 2005 (NASA/ESA/AURA/Caltech)
Noctiluca scintillans (dinoflagellate exhibiting bioluminescence): photo by Maria Antónia Sampayo, 2007


Anonymous said...

The bottom of the sea is a parallel universe with its own stars and celestial bodies. Bewitching, indeed.

TC said...


Looking at these luminous creatures of the depths, I wonder what strange starborn beings might, if the myths were right, inhabit the deep cold waters of your Lago Lácar?

(Have you ever considered taking your camera eye beneath the surface?)

Anonymous said...

I love peeping under the surface through the crystal clear waters but I must admit the great depths of Lake Lácar are extremely breathtaking for me. I have tried to dive in with my goggles on but the vastness of the void scared me. I would never dare get into them for I am sure they hide a mysterious completely unknown world.

TC said...

Yes, that sounds like it would be one of those tempting but terrifying night voyages into the unknown from which return to the bright reassurance of daylight could never be guaranteed.

(And are there are not more than a few of those...?)