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Monday 7 May 2018

cribbage: white box / building (no eats or gas to be had)

Two lane downhill | by ADMurr

Two lane downhill [ranch road, Santa Barbara County]: photo by Andrew Murr, 5 May 2018

White box building | by ADMurr


mistah charley, ph.d. said...

a story about the sinking of the research vessel hero

there's also a wikipedia article

TC said...

Thx for yr curiosity mistah C.

Shipwreck shots always come with story.

From the jealous clutches of the disintegrating ice of the Antarctic to the petty scheming embrace of murican make-a-buck entrepreneurs, the poor Hero!

Feels like we've all been in the same boat one time or another does it not mistah.

Put the picture there for the NW coast darkness [pretty obvious contrast w ambient blinding desertification of various types = subject of post], Austin Granger's unique dark chromatic, instantly recognisable the moment your eye sees one of his pictures.

I always think northern europe, the 39 articles nailed on the door deep in the pine forest by the home depot delivery boy, marty luther.

Real quiet kid, had a funny kind of look always scared me. Always leaving empty pizza boxes lying around in the truck.

The portentous Astoria classical-forest columns melting into the Kowloon trainstation rooftop trees.