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Monday 28 May 2018

the memorial function of poetry is keeping the memory green - so thank you for those who severed! the ultimate limb sacrifice! | Joseph Ceravolo: Ocean

#film #mist #langeron | by ecoterine

#film #mist #langeron: photo by ecoterine, 14 May 2018

Joseph Ceravolo: Ocean 

I paid you off.
  Now I want you to steal me.
My eyes are full of cement.
Wherever I am
when everything's so fated.
"I know I couldn't sleep"

Meet me wherever I am,
because I paid off,
even though I couldn't sleep.
And frighten them away.
I couldn't sleep, but a new
wave comes every few seconds.
Yes! they end on the shore.

Joseph Ceravolo (1934-1988): Ocean, from Spring in This World of Poor Mutts (1968)

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