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Tuesday 22 May 2018

Feel like you're losing your grip? Call Swing Coach Jesus! | Holy Month



TC said...

OK, you can't get a wink of bad sleep or a lick of work-from-home done until you know the identity of the woman with the sash seated down at the end of Donny's Murderer's Row in Pic #4.

It is the wife of the Secretary General of NATO, who would like Americans to know he is quite pleased with the amount of their tax money he is going to be spending as soon as he can get his hands on it. It's for defence by the way. That is, ICBMS and stuff.

She's sitting directly beneath the tight-fitting britches of whoever that is up there on the wall whose lower torso (well, crotch, to put a fine point on it) is getting a terrible pinching, I'm going to guess George Washington. Ouch, in any case.

Note the CROSSED SASHES on same hero.

Is this a secret-society SASH PARTY or what ?

"Good meeting with @realDonaldTrump," tweeteth said visiting dignitary [no not George Washington, Jens Stoltenberg, dummy!] on day of pic. "Your leadership on defence spending is clearly having an impact - Allies are adding billions to their budgets. We are also stepping up the fight against terrorism. In uncertain times we need a strong #NATO."

Ain't that what they all say though. Those SASH wearers.

TC said...

Oh, I don't know, maybe scabbard and cartridge belt, on Geo. there, IF that's Geo.

The mind can play tricks, seeing SASHES where they aren't. Satan moves amongst us now, causing things like this to happen. All foretold, of course.

Hilton said...

There are no stray bullets. Maybe stray plums. But all Israeli bullets have a goal of killing Palestinians, including stray ones.

Also, the man who put up the 10 crosses did not realize that one of the students was Muslim. People did go to her mosque for her service, so it was probably ignorance and I hope they fixed it.


TC said...


Poet comes from Beirut. I like the small surprise in the way the bullet seems to have a mind of its own, or perhaps, a mind of the poet's, or even history's.

All Israeli bullets will have a mind to puncture the heart even before trigger pulled. Defending the borders, right. Is a bullet ever anything more than approximately directed (or misdirected) fear? But fear of what? Of what your worst fears have always conjured?

10 crosses or 16 lagers, or even 22 SASHES, what use?

"it was probably ignorance and I hope they fixed it."

could well apply across the board anymore, with the proviso, hope begins to feel a bit like ignorance, unless it's simply a transitory mood-swing, brief interruption in the hopelessness nobody can fix because - it's so broken.

That top picture though - yeesh. Break out the lagers and crosses and SASHES and the rusty corslets that have been up there nailed to the hallway wall all these months now stretching into what feels like epochs of loss, waiting for drumpfy to cross the rubicon...

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

i wondered why the guy made the pyramids of the eggs - just for fun?

TC said...

No. These are terrorists. Isn't that what all terrorists do? Things that look like they're just for fun... and then turn out to be... uh, just for fun.

Of course we are unfamiliar with a commercial display ritual that would actually involve something so totally unprofitable. This is because our stores and markets are never any fun at all. Which is just another of the myriad things that make America great.