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Wednesday, 31 May 2017



sleepy fox: TC

Here are links to individual post entries after 22 May 2017, in alphabetical order:

abandonment and despondency of the wandering stateless (peccata mundi theatre)
Ahab to his companion

Aida cries
A history of flight / After hours / Black stone on top of a white stone
All the Young Dudes / Clark Coolidge: Two New Poems from It's Giordano Bluto!
A mind of winter: Hardy: The Dead Man Walking / Snow in the Suburbs / Waiting Both // Stevens: the Snow Man // Wordsworth: Two Lyrical Ballads // Woolf: On Wordsworth's Guide to the Lakes // White Out
And therefore as a stranger give it welcome (written on the wind)

Apocalipsis (The Stars Do Not Belong To David Anymore) / They were like ghosts
A Power Greater Than Our Own (with many small stone people)
A Privileged Seat in the Theatre of Eternal Conflict / Darwish: Three Poems
A Syrian man is like his country, alone (Eastern Ghouta today) / Snapshots from the early middle period of the Seven Years' War
a very well planned genocide
Condor Wing 4: Unspeakable (Masters of the works one after another, till the world fell into their hands)
Condor Wing 5: Red glow at sunset (don't be alarmed if you see this in your dream) / The Overthrow of Dr. Slop
Condor Wing 6: Three Larrys and a Baptism / Tristram Shady: The Damnation of Odadiah / Larry Eigner: himselfhimself

Condor Wing 7: The blind exorcist turns our way at last / Donne: The good-morrow / Time in Tristram Shandy
Condor Wing 8: about mary (Into the Future) / Wittgenstein's Wristwatch / Message from the Captain
Condor Wing 9: xmass = esh ~ labrat nation (numbers game) / Broken Rousseau / Hardy: Drummer Hodge (Under Strange Stars)
Condor Wing 10 (Nativity Scene on a Budget)
Condor Wing 11: Long Shadows (Classical) / separation under crescent moon / OLD is the new NEW (Feels like a dream)
Condor Wing 12: Tote Vögel, blutige Bären / Hölderlin: "a Command... That all must enter in" / Me in my cool new xmas sweater crashed out on your porch awning (a child nightmare)

Curtains / Face Off
Daddy Drinks Millers (Satiety)
Darkening / A wailing from the shore
days of rage and fire (Under the Fortune Palms) / Snake vs Mongoose / burning to the sea
Dear Life. Our Future Is In Your hands. Do We Have To Smile As Well? / Some things better left unsaid
Death all over Syria, and we are just watching, and we are deaf to the echoes of Syria's screams
Dunderking Regnant / J.V. Cunningham: Montana Fifty Years Ago / Russell Lee: Bean Day Rodeo, Wagon Mound, New Mexico, September 1939
Edward Dorn: Like a Message on Sunday (13 pieces from the margins of a gone America) / all alone w/you on a dune in pisco
Edward Dorn: When we are all there together / Grasses: An Elegy / beyond the sea of grass
Edward Sanders: End of Times
Edward Sanders: "The Enormitude..." / Giuseppe Ungaretti: Tramonto (Sunset), 1916 / Just so much going on today on Hollywood Blvd
Eikonoklastes / Attendance 2017
Emanuele Satolli: Mosul / Edward Dorn: America Needs Drugs
En medio de ningún lugar

eternity is the only boundary to the scope of this picture
Ergodic Theory 5.2 (cavewall copy) / a weird red glow from deep in tomorrow
Ergodic Theory Parts I-IV / William Butler Yeats: An Irish Airman Foresees His Death + The Fisherman
Ever Closer / 96 Tears for the Rohingya (What They Carry) / Rocking Horse Dreams with Lifeboat and Smoke Alarm
Exodus (Like prairie, but it's water)
Exultant Among the Drumpfjugend (coins on the skull)
Everything Confusing Must Make When Head Is Money Flower / Vladimir Nabokov: Literature, Invention, Memory / Stretching It

everything is one thing after another (Typhoon)
Fidelity / Melancholy Watch, The Downs (Keats leaves England, 1820) / Keats: "This living hand" (salvaged from the Deep Keats Scrolls) / Weston nearing the end... (Or Not)
Fire and Furry 
flash burns: the headlights of the war god are eyewash in men's eyes / wyatt: avysing the bright bemes / rip tinky winky gone to a better siberia
floating clouds with lotus / Where There's Smoke (I'm not entirely convinced I'm not having a break from reality)
Floating Ghosts (Multiplicity) / Zero pressure / Recursion (Aporia)

Forget About It
Framing the Rohingya
F.T. Prince: Three Poems / Mimicry

Genocidal Culture Busker Haircut #1 / Kashmir: only stones on the road / Why everyone in the world looks like the prime minister of Montenegro from here
Genocidal Culture Busker Haircut #2: Going / Last Gasp in Kingdom City (Immigrant Song)
Genocidal Culture Busker Haircut #3: 'Free Speech' - license to kill? / The Big Cigars 
Genocidal Culture Busker Haircut #4: No Mercy: "Go home, we need American here" / Impeachment season, 1972: eight poems from Blue / United States of #Covfefe
Genocidal Culture Busker Haircut #5: The Original The Famous Artist
Genocidal Culture Busker Haircut #6: The Resistance Never Existed / Voltaire accuses Rousseau / etch
Genocidal Culture Busker Haircut #7: Pointing the finger / Jackpot
Genocidal Culture Busker Haircut #8: Irrationalism / Nearing Paradise
Genocidal Culture Busker Haircut #9: The outside is upside down
Genocidal Culture Busker Haircut #10: Ed Sanders: Ain't no light / Clone Stamp Tool
Genocidal Culture Busker Haircut #11: We are brave. We are strong. / Birthplace of Democracy
Genocidal Culture Busker Haircut #12: The Past / gunplay in the historical streets
Genocidal Culture Busker Haircut #13: Lies, plain and simple / dead revolution / a handful of dung
Genocidal Culture Busker Haircut #14: Strawberry Moon Above Umbrella Man
Genocidal Culture Busker Haircut #15: Home / Threshold / A flarf piñata
Genocidal Culture Busker Haircut #16: You Won't See Me (UnPersonism)

Genocidal Culture Busker Haircut #17: Hand Over Foot (bird shadows on the wall)
Genocidal Culture Busker Haircut #18: Seferis: Fires of St. John / Days of Rage
Genocidal Culture Busker Haircut #19: Night ladder (Leap of Faith)
Genocidal Culture Busker Haircut #20: Holiday / How To Beat the Traffic
Genocidal Culture Busker Haircut #21: no one wants to be alone
Ghost entry / Bill Strode: The River's Clouded Glory / Savage God

Giuseppe Ungaretti: What use are images? / Walking in the dust
Going Back Is The New Going Forward (The words of the prophets)
Gone With the Whirlwind (inthesedeserts): The Sudden Fall of the Last Confederate Soldier

Green Chain Gang / José Emilio Pacheco: Three Poems
Homeland Security: Lorenzo Thomas: Downtown Boom (Houston) / Edward Sanders: Armed GE-Raytheon House Protecting Robots

Iftar of the war orphans, Douma / Antigone and the Ice Age Horse Challenge for Tory Party Leadership
Incipient Light / At Matanaka Farm (for Penelope C.)
In country, late on in the war / Clark Coolidge: Assembled Accordingly (temps quotidien)

in gran despitto (Masters of War)
Inside the Kill Box, with feeling (Who else wants to kill Syrians? See inside the Kill Box?)
intense (like a golfer) / Used to drive through (Hong Kong Market)
Intersectionality: Was the sky too large for them? / Earth is in the hands of the wrong people / Peligro
In the Pelting Villages: Edward Sanders: Quick Black Hole Spin-Change / Ron Padgett: The Beautiful Contagion
In the ruins of Mosul: The high cost of liberation / Clarice Lispector: The Archer (there's that tension)
"I won..." (a reminder from Great Lord Teeny Tiny Hands) / Danny Lyon: American Street, 1972-1974 / Joseph Ceravolo: Beginner Method / Heathcote Williams 1941-2017: Two for Trump and There has to be an Afterlife
Jim Dine: Utopia (It takes a lot of work to make a world) / William Blake: Auguries of Innocence / Robert Creeley: Heroes / Comme un air de vacances
Jorge Luis Borges: Two tales of the frontier: El muerto (The dead man) / El puñal (The dagger)
Kashmir, This Morning

Kings and Queens of Comedy / Winch & Equi: Meanings of Furniture
Kronos over Bios: Two from the Greek Anthology (Sappho: Epigram 158D / Anacreon: Fragment 395)
Last Call For Tomorrow
Levitation / Ezra Pound: Canto CXIII: preparation for sky burial

"Liberation" of Mosul: What time's the parade? / I once tickled Lou Reed. This is why ISIS hate us. (Q is for queasy)
Life and Nothing More / hellish all day but then look okay for a moment
Madness / Cherries

Master of Darkness (w/ woolly mammoth slayer) / Santa-Clown Space Policy Directive #2 (shooting the moon, while the South Coast burns)

money horse
Mountain Men / Superior, Arizona
Mosul, nearly done
my black friends (before the coming of digital) / Kudzu cinema / Lawrence and  Obenzinger: Six Songs for the Next Age / Ed Sanders: Manson sky-snake banishment Glyph

my warm childhood house / No Parking

night meditation in beat garden
Night Sky with Bad Moon and Tracer Fire over Eastern Ghouta (The pain doesn't stop)
No Reason To Celebrate But Celebrating Anyway / A boy named Palestine, a girl named Capital, a boy named Jerusalem

No Stopping / The End
Nothing Here Worth Your Life (Sacrificed on the Altar of Tech) / Wind / An End to Innocence (Toys of Christmas Past and Traditional Tibet)
Not My GF: Three New Poems by Terence Winch (with special dispensation of St Anthony)
number theory
oil and water, with small street fire + Fidelity, Junior!
On the Feast of the Epiphany Jesus Gets Taken for a Little Ride Through Snowy Mountains to the Town of the Grey Dog / Tilt Club 
On the Low Wire: Two Fantasy Poems: Larry Fagin (1937-2017): Occasional Poem / I fell in love at Safeway in Paradise
On the other side of this garden wall, my child, you shall find either God or a secret world of the restless dead / Efficiency of the killing machine
Orders of Chaos / Ed Sanders: Free Healthcare Glyph
our candidate in orange: Wyatt: If waker care, if sodayne pale Coulour // Petrarch / Wyatt: a white deer (Una candida cerva)
postcards from dystopia (1984 / 2017)  / hawser view (The Final Moments)
Preparing for Flight / The Chances of No One Being Home / Raqqa: Slaughter of the Innocents

Prickly Pear on Hill Before Sunrise Church (cry for 'motherland') / Denby: The Street 
Promises / "But how far do I have to go" / Valley of Fires
Putting a fine point on The Human Abstract / A little bit of soul (the decisive moment could always be just around the corner)
Ready, Set, Go with Allmost Crashing Nancy (Wilhardt St. & Mermaid Avenue) / new years bodybags for Eastern Ghouta
real nudes (1984 / 2560)
Red Arrow / Uh-oh. She's wearing pink again. / Exhaustion (Two Worlds) 
red balloon
Red Right Hand / Crowds and Solitude in Africa
Report on Progress of Poetic Research (by the dock of the bay of the prehistoric catskills)
Rohingya: All Tore Down / A series of tweets from the killing floor ("SE Asia is witnessing such an astonishing reversion to authoritarianism") / Ro Nay San Lwin: "As a human..."
Rust window
secrets of the tombs (did they want you to see them like this?) / the crowd is stirring up the resident monkeys (or rather, divine)
shadow of the beast, blocking out the sky / bodies in the water
shadow of the beast II: Edward Sanders: from Robert F. Kennedy's Final Day June 4, 1968 
smoke drifting in the wind
Smoke Over the Villages: How Ethnic Cleansing Works ("If I have nothing to eat, I will eat soil, but I will never go back") / Rocket Party
Solstice (the only way not to slide into darkness) / They dropped like spinning spiders from the sky... the wind picked up... the white moon floated across the black night between two red crosses... / Insomnia 0411
somewhere over the rainbow

States of Emergency
Stephen Crane: A man saw a ball of gold / Mahmoud Darwish: Rita and the Rifle
Still restless after all these miles of migrating: Marion Post Wolcott: Snowy night, 1940 / Stuart Ross: The first day, 2018 / Lewis Hine: Scott's Run, 1937 / The past speaks
Table for One
Taking Names: 'I'm not your friend anymore?' / 2 weeks in Jerusalem / Hardy: Nobody Comes: 8 Poems / Mercy (Cats of Osaka)
Tension / upside down yoda face (who pay the price)
The Beautiful Land / Edward Sanders: Thermobaric / In the country of the mad king your beautiful monument is the next guy's junkyard car seat
The Collecting Place (Tight Spaces) / William Bolitho: The Science of William Burke
The Demon-Haunted World / Edward Sanders: Remembering Hiroshima Day / Nation building / Dog Days
The inferno that won't die / 2017: a conflation / Hardy: Thoughts from Sophocles / Mosul 2017

The next Kurdish war
The other way around (Der Untergang des Abendlandes)
there's a world going on / anywhere out of this world / Szymborska: Map (where the shitholes are)
the road to manifest destiny: eye with two Gods in silver spring, can you guess which one's real? (The Overseer / The Date) 

The running of the stunned beasts through the ruined iterative street past the outstretched baskets of the money catchers 
the sky . . . is burning
The Sky Is Crying (Near the River Bottom)
The Weird Alternate Reality of Pod World and Unconstrained Invasive Slime Growth / beyond bagdad (backing into what past)
They Walked All the Way / Joanne Kyger: September (My desire / that bade me speak in church) / First it was Chittagong then it was Cox's Bazar / John Ashbery 1927-2017: Qualm (Asleep in New Shrine of Patriotism)
Thomas Hardy: In Time of "The Breaking of Nations" / There's blood in the dirt, but it's the wrong blood / Edward Dorn: House Arrest (Face 601B)
Thoughtful Buster / Poor Clarence / one more saturday night (As seen from afar) / Hardy: Three Poems
3 colours and a hue
Tiki Torch Terror Trash Test (Looking Down the Barrel) / Beast Mode and That Nazi Situation 
till death do us part (the golden hour)
Totality / Vallejo: The Vedic Fibre / Jet
To The Infinity (Stop Everyday) / Robert Herrick: Infinite Finitude: Fourteen Poems

Trapped / Red Shoes
Trouble Every Day / Clarksdale, Saturday night
12-gauge rapture

Valediction / Wraith (Attendance)
Vanishing Point (cowgirl in the sand)
Visions of the gypsy king (The future of tech) / Edward Sanders: Lament for Simone Ellis / Horse drawn plough, Ring of Kerry
Waiting for Jefferson
Waiting on Papa: Varieties of Religious Experience, with Little Flower Lady and Ethnic Cleansing by Extreme Prejudice
What Happened to Ten Villagers Who Were Minding Their Own Business in Inn Din / The Postman of Gloucester
when black is white / Marquee
Vladimir Nabokov: from Lance / dead carp don't talk
Watching the firestorm / Rohingya in shade / Edward Sanders: Cheney motions with his hands / Little Walter's Dream Map of the Hollywood Inferno
Which saint is this? (American Gothic Surrealism does the world) / "Everything is set for Noah's Ark to be shipwrecked"
William Blake: The Fly / Nightfall in the Sanctuary of the Fireflies   
William Butler Yeats: Among School Children 
Winter trip to the land of Basura
YOU / coexistence
Zombie Star: Edward Sanders: In Praise and Memory of Joanne Kyger / The apparition of these faces in the crowd / Vladimir Nabokov: Vacationlands / Night Train / Requiem for a Wood-Sprite 

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